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Peach & apricot sorting machines by TOMRA Food

TOMRA Food has solutions for sorting fresh and frozen peaches and apricots. TOMRA sorters identify pits, pit fragments, blemishes, variety in sizes, and all types of foreign material in diced, sliced, wedged, and halved peaches and apricots.


TOMRA’s Halo sorter has proven to be a versatile and highly-efficient solution, sorting peach and apricot slices, wedges, and halves. The Halo has also increased operations capacity to an hourly output of seven to eight tons, an increase from four to five tons before installation. The sorter has replaced over 70 manual pickers from the peach processing line, which means labor costs have been reduced by 80 percent, while yield has increased by 30 percent. Read Kangfa Foods entire customer testimonial.


  • Easy to Use Intuitive Touch Screen
  • High Volume Processing
  • Higher Yields
  • Reduced Labor Requirements
  • Increased Throughput
  • Consistent High-Quality
  • Fewer Complaints from Customers
  • Increased Peace of Mind
  • Better Utilized Resources

TOMRA sorting solutions boost throughput and availability while at the same time increasing yield, quality, and food safety for your operation.

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