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bacon bit sorting machines by tomra

Bacon bits, used in salads and other dishes or as food toppings by consumers, can be sorted with the TOMRA Nimbus free-fall laser sorter.

TOMRA's Nimbus meat sorter detects and rejects foreign material, including bones, plastics in colors, pieces of wood, aluminum, paper, metal pieces, and burned pieces. The TOMRA bacon bits sorter complies with the meat industry's specific requirements concerning material handling and sanitation.


Lasers scan the bacon bits from two sides, which detect black and burned pieces that are rejected milliseconds later by air valves. The meat sorting machine uses a feed shaker, so the bacon bits spread uniform in a single layer before the free-fall chute. It then falls towards the inspection zone and is spread out by gravitation, where the lasers scan it. A few milliseconds later, defective pieces are discarded with a precise and powerful burst of air, which sends them into the rejection zone, and the good product continues its natural free-fall.


The Nimbus meat sorter is exceptionally user-friendly and calibration-free, which is the ultimate proof of stability.

The sorter has been adapted in its design, making it easy to clean and ensuring there are no hidden parts where meat could stick. The bacon bits sorter has an open frame design, a unique mount for optics (to prevent bacteria growth in the frame), and sloped surfaces, avoiding product lying on the shelf.


  • Increased Yield
  • Reduced Labor Requirements
  • Increased Throughput
  • Consistent Quality
  • Greater Peace of Mind


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