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hazelnut sorting machines by tomra

Customer Testimonial: Durak, Turkey


By Investing in five new TOMRA Nimbus BSI+ sorting machines, Turkey's leading hazelnut exporter has further increased its production capacity while, at the same time, protecting product safety....

customer testimonial

  In blanched and raw hazelnuts as well as loose kernels from in-shell hazelnuts, we are able to detect and remove:

  • shells
  • in-shells
  • dark
  • rotten
  • molded
  • cimiciato (insect damage)
  • mechanical damaged
  • skin on
  • over-roasted
  • glass, metal
  • stones
  • all kinds of foreign material.

    • Lowest false/reject rate
      We are able to detect the smallest defect with the least amount of passes. Extremely low false reject optimises your yield and reduces the need for rework of the reject stream, limiting the quality degradation caused by additional manipulations.
    • Advanced Sorting on challenging defects
      TOMRA’s BSI+ provides detailed identification and separation, resulting in advanced sorting efficiency.
    • Easy to set-up and adjust
      Set-up and adjust sorting programs in a limited timeframe and without extensive technical training. Stabilized high performance over seasonal changes, fluctuations in quality or product variations.

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