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Gamma LLP, Kazakhstan

TOMRA XRT technology delivers excellent results at Gamma LLP coal mine in Kazakhstan.

12 November 2019

TOMRA’s X-Ray Transmission (XRT) sensor-based technology delivers higher yields and quality output while reducing operating costs at Gamma LLP’s coal mining operation in Kazakhstan.

Gamma LLP, part of the Zaman Group, has been operating a TOMRA COM Tertiary XRT 1200 belt sorting system since 2014 at its coal mine in the Bayanaul district in Pavlodar, the main coal mining region in the Republic of Kazakhstan, with excellent results.

“The TOMRA XRT sorter has improved the efficiency of our operation and we are consistently achieving higher yield with a better quality of output,” explains Abgujinov Bekbolat Sovetovich, Director of Gamma LLP. “In addition, we are benefiting from lower energy and water consumption, and an overall reduction in operating costs. This equipment has made a real difference and we are planning to invest in a second unit.”

Accurate sorting with TOMRA’s XRT technology at Gamma LLP

The TOMRA COM Tertiary XRT 1200 belt sorting system is based on a planar projection of X-Ray attenuation of single particles in a stream to identify and separate materials according to their specific atomic density. It effectively and accurately sorts materials irrespective of size, moisture, dust or dirt on the surface, so that pre-washing or surface cleaning are not necessary. The XRT sensor-based separation makes it possible to extract from the stream both high ash material and coal with any amount of ash content. The system analyses each particle and extracts the coal of the required quality to the concentrate. The video above of the TOMRA sorting system installed at Gamma LLP’s operation shows how the process unfolds.

Collaborative approach from TOMRA and its partner THRANE

The system was commissioned and installed by TOMRA’s partner in Russia and CIS, THRANE, which shares the Company’s collaborative approach to working with its customers: “The support we have received from THRANE has also been excellent; they are always available and ready to help whenever we need it,” comments Mr Sovetovich.

Excellent results of TOMRA’s XRT system at Gamma LLP are backed up by tests

Studies conducted by THRANE at its test center bear out Gamma LLP’s experience. They analyzed the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of destoning and the results, which were presented at the XVIII International Coal Preparation Congress in 2016, were impressive. When separating size fractions of -100+25mm of K-rank coal with 17.5-16.5% initial ash content, the TOMRA XRT separator produced a concentrate of less than 10.7-11% with the output of 65 and 70% respectively. With size fractions of 100+10mm T-rank coal with 39-42% initial ash content, it produced a concentrate of less than 26-32.5% ash with the output of 60 and 70% respectively. With size classes of -70+25mm of T-rank coal with 39-42% initial ash content, the concentrate produced was 8.2% at its output of 60%. Size classes of -80+13mm of A-rank coal with 11.1% initial ash content produced a concentrate of less than 4.3% at its output of 80%.

Waste rock pile

waste rock pile

Close up of waste rock

close up of waste rock pile
waste rock pile
close up of waste rock pile