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New Directions in Mineral Processing Fundamentals

Colorado School of Mines / Golden, CO / USA / Presentation "Sorting Minerals Today" by Harold Cline

18 July 2017

Need an overview or update on Mineral Processing Technology including Sorting?

The TOMRA Sorting Mining team will present sorting fundamentals at the Colorado School of Mines ever-popular short course on Mineral Processing on July 18-21, 2017 in Golden, Colorado. This course is an excellent overview for new personnel and is also popular with experienced mineral processors who want an update on current technologies. The advantage of this course is that it addresses the complete mineral processing flowsheet and how technologies such as sorting can contribute to the overall technical and financial success of a plant. We will discuss not just how sorting works, but potential benefits such as decreasing the size of downstream crushing and grinding, decreasing chemical and water needs and potentially reducing the size of tailing ponds.

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