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Quartz color sorting

TOMRA´s color-sorting solution opens sound alternatives for quartz processing. We offer you a proven and cost-efficient solution which will improve the quality of your quartz product significantly.


20-50mm // Product // PRO Secondary COLOR Dual

Conventional approaches have typically employed manual sorting. However, with modern technology this can be replaced by color sorting, increasing the recovery and achieving better qualities at the same time.

TOMRA´s color sorters operate reliably in a variety of mineral applications around the world. The high-resolution camera recognizes the material based on their color and/or shape. It can be used to distinguish a rock which has a surficial and visible contamination. The detected rocks are then sorted out and the feed stream is separated into two distinguishable qualities in terms of color.

Depending on the individual sorting task and the desired qualities, TOMRA´s laser and color-sorting systems can be combined to achieve highest purity levels and maximize profits.