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Maximize the profitability of your quartz-associated gold mining with LASER sorting technology 

Increased cash values per tonne, reduced environmental impact in terms of resource demands (water, energy, process reagents, wear and tear of equipment, replacement parts…) plus a reduced amount of tailings, are just some of the bottom-line benefits users can achieve with pre-concentration via sensor-based sorting.  

Whenever sulphide or quartz is associated with gold, the resultant gold ores are typically amenable to a certain degree of particle sorting. And in the case of the complex blend of quartz associated with gold, the pre-concentration of the ore by means of sensor-based ore sorting during the early stages of the production process can be effected by harnessing the scattering effect of a LASER beam.

The principle of LASER sorting is based on the known diffraction of LASER light in transparent minerals such as quartz. This LASER sensor technique will not identify the gold itself, because it is present in such low concentrations. However, if the quartz is of sufficient size and concentration and has gold associated with it, then the ore can be recovered using TOMRA´s laser sorting technology.


Experience shows that gold ores are commonly amenable to some degree of particle sorting, generally using laser- or XRT sensors, or a combination of these techniques. A dual-phase sorting flow-sheet comprising a laser rougher and an XRT scavenger (or also vice versa) has already demonstrated optimal recovery for a number of deposits. In the case of quartz-type gold deposits, gold ore can be associated with pyrites both within the quartz vein and on the periphery (the alteration halo effect), as well as purely with the quartz material itself,– though generally in lesser concentrations. Dual-phase particle sorting flow-sheets have regularly achieved ore recovery in excess of 90% and mass removal in the region of 30 – 60%.

Research, testing, and implementation of innovative technologies such as sensor-based ore sorting can avert the need for high capital investment in metallurgical plant, while maintaining or actually increasing production targets, even for lower-grade material. The practical application of this technology in several mines has demonstrated how vitally important the geological approach is to exploring the sorting feasibility of complex ores such as gold. Discuss your gold recovery process with us and arrange an evaluation of your material at one of our test centers.