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Restore and enhance your operational performance with our equipment and technology upgrades. We can help you update and modernize your TOMRA sorting equipment to help you benefit from the latest technology innovations.

Broad sensor technology portfolio

By upgrading, you can keep your existing process equipment running efficiently and reliably while extending its lifetime.

Typical drivers for upgrades are:

  • Technical enhancement for increased performance
  • Changes in the ore composition or sorting process
  • Outdated technology


"Belmont and TOMRA have had a long-standing relationship jointly pioneering sensor-based sorting in the segment of colored gem stones. For over 15 years the TOMRA team has been always putting the sorter operation as high priority and our sorter has never stopped in this time. There is no service team like this!

The integration of TOMRA´s sorting technology has substantially evolved the operation at Belmont Emerald Mine in terms of throughput and performance. When the need arose, TOMRA´s team has been very supportive and able to meet our requirements over the years. TOMRA has provided substantial guidance in upgrading the sorting system of our forward-looking operation.

The extended set-up, as well as TOMRA's presence in Brazil, further strengthens the operational performance of the sorting technology."

1 Marcelo Ribeiro, Director at Belmont Emerald Mine, Brazil