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PRO Series

The PRO (Industrial Processing) Series sorting equipment is designed for the typical minerals-processing environment.

The simple and compact design, based on the free fall principle, is efficient and reliable. To gain best sorting performance, three mechanical platforms are available to cover the sizes ranging from 2mm to 250mm:

  • PRO Primary (for material processing after primary crusher):
    50 to 250mm 
  • PRO Secondary (for material processing after secondary crusher):
    20 to 120mm
  • PRO Tertiary (for material processing after tertiary crusher):
    2 to 32mm         

Three different sensor technologies are available: COLOR, NIR and LASER.

Product benefits

  • Reduce overall costs of mineral extraction
  • Pre-concentration of high-grade material at an early stage saves energy, water and chemicals
  • Grade control via an adjustable cut point
  • Increased downstream processing efficiency
  • Less-selective mining techniques can deliver an increased ore reserve
  • Production of final salable concentrate
  • Separation into homogenous ore types for selective beneficiation
  • Dump recovery, and increasing life of mine