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Your challenge - our solution

TOMRA Care launched to help customers achieve their goals throughout the operational lifecycle.

07 July 2015


Recycling plant operators have to achieve three vital objectives to run truly successful businesses – the highest sorting performance, lowest downtime and effectively managing foreseeable costs possible.


28 products for individual needs
TOMRA Sorting Recycling has just launched an integrated range of support services, called TOMRA Care*, which allows customers to mix and match its 28 products according to their circumstances and needs, with a view to achieving one or more of these important aims. Further details about TOMRA Care can be found on the website.


This comprehensive range of products is offered because it is clear that service begins at the beginning of a project with process design, and continues well after machines have been optimally installed and commissioned. Continuous support is often required in order to ensure the three vital goals are achieved.

Tailored service to enable maximum return of investment
The overall areas covered by TOMRA Care are process consulting, system testing, financing, insurance, staff training and upgrades. It was developed after a strategic review of TOMRA Sorting Recycling’s extensive existing customer support services. The package has been designed to ensure customers experience an even more tailored service, enabling them to maximize returns on their investments.


There are many ways to combine those 28 TOMRA Care products for best effect. A recycling plant operator may, for example, want to combine customer training with more frequent site visits, spare parts on-site and a 24/7 hotline.


Customer training offering
Explaining the first of these, Peter Geisler, TOMRA’s service director for Recycling, said: “The customer training offering ensures employees possess a high level of knowledge about our sensor-based sorting equipment and the factors which influence its performance. Basic training covers topics such as material preparation, machine capabilities, maintenance work and essential repairs. The product, therefore, enables customers to operate the machines properly themselves and carry out certain tasks which require a depth of understanding and some detailed knowledge.”


“Also, if more serious problems occur, a customer who has undergone the training is able to explain the issue precisely on the phone to a TOMRA expert. That means we are better able to work with them to narrow down the possible faults, identify the problem faster and in many cases restore full operation quickly, through no more than a phone conversation or remote access, sending one of our service technicians to the plant only where this is really necessary.”        


Where problems do demand this expert attendance, TOMRA service technicians are always nearby and ready to help.


Frequent site visits for preventive purposes
Through its TOMRA Perform Contract, TOMRA Sorting Recycling offers frequent site visits and recommends that the same company specialist attends a facility often – up to 12 times a year - for preventive purposes. This ensures that the machines continue to deliver the best possible sorting performance. Activity during these appointments includes high-level check-ups, maintenance and optimization.  


On-site spare parts product for quick access
The spare parts on-site product is offered because, although TOMRA machines are among the most reliable in the industry, even normal wear and tear during standard operation leads to the parts of any system needing replacement periodically. The reliable supply of spare parts is an essential ingredient for problem-free and profitable recycling plant operation. This local storage of spare parts is particularly beneficial for recycling plant operators in regions where customs clearance issues could arise with parts that have to be imported or there are exceptional requirements regarding site performance.


Peter Geisler said: “Often, the best solution is for customers to experience TOMRA Care’s training product and then maintain an inventory of spare parts at their sites. This combination can not only provide the quickest access to replacements, but mean customers can fit the new parts themselves. Where we have to supply new parts to customers, on the other hand, we always deliver as quickly as possible.”


24/7 hotline instant access to TOMRA´s specialists
The 24/7 hotline product is particularly recommended for customers who run their plants on six or seven days a week or in a two or three shift pattern using TOMRA’s AUTOSORT system. This is a multi-functional sorting machine which recovers a wide range of materials from multiple or single waste streams. Materials it reclaims include packaging, paper and household waste, and it undertakes sorting tasks where enhanced information regarding factors such as material or color is needed.     


Using the 24/7 hotline product ensures instant access to TOMRA’s specialists by phone and/or remote access.


Peter Geisler said: “TOMRA Care shows that we understand our customers’ needs are driven by the requirements of the markets in which they operate. Introducing the package has allowed us to take account of those requirements even better and enhance our already strong customer service offering. “ 


Customers who would like to know the costs and benefits for their own operations of taking out any elements of the TOMRA Care package are welcome to call +49 2630 95 62 220 and discuss their individual needs with Jörg Hermanski, Service Sales Manager.


*Not available for all products and in all regions.