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7 tips for achieving a better sorting performance

02 May 2016

A solid plant and process design as well as cutting-edge sorting technology are critical for the sorting performance. Equally important are regular maintenance and care of the sorting equipment during its operational lifetime. For ensuring a good sorting performance, there are some essential things which you can actively take care of.

7 key points for a better sorting performance:

  1. Material distribution: Make sure you have a good material distribution on your feeder or belt; don’t “overrun” the machines.
  2. Regular calibration: Perform regular calibrations of the sorters in accordance with the procedure advised by TOMRA Sorting.
  3. Service visit: Let TOMRA Sorting conduct servicing on the machines at least twice per year.  Should any new requirements have developed, such as material stream changes (e.g. new packaging types), our field service engineers will “teach” the machines how to operate under these new conditions. 
  4. Clean optical path: Keep the optical path clean – in particular glasses and lamps.
  5. Recommended parts: Use only recommended parts by TOMRA Sorting– especially the lamps for optical sorters are crucial, even if they don’t appear so.
  6. Trained personnel: Use only well-trained personnel – TOMRA Sorting offers special training courses for strengthening the knowledge of your staff.
  7. Keep air clean: Quality of pressurized air is the dominating factor regarding the lifetime of valves. Defective valves decrease sorting performance. Keep the air clean.

Following these tips will ensure that your sorting system runs smoothly and operates at a high performance level continuously.