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Did you know...

...…that TOMRA’s Code of Conduct is to ensure that all persons acting on behalf of TOMRA behave in an ethical manner? Read more!

21 January 2016

For a better business and a better environment: TOMRA´s code of conduct

Though we all understand the need to behave with complete integrity, global events are a reminder that such knowledge is not always enough to guarantee that companies maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct at all times. TOMRA believes customers have a right to expect corporations to operate responsibly, and that it is a simple courtesy for any business to demonstrate its uncompromising commitment to corporate citizenship and integrity. 

So what is the TOMRA approach to Corporate Responsibility?

TOMRA's corporate culture is rooted in the twin principles of honesty and respect for all people. Aside from the moral requirements, TOMRA believes that a good reputation is key to a company’s success and future profitability. Given the scale of TOMRA’s diversified operations, our activities naturally rely upon a high degree of care, honesty and integrity, and TOMRA therefore regards its company culture and reputation as prime assets. As a result, we expect our employees to promote our core values by acting responsibly towards colleagues, business associates and society in general. TOMRA also expects the same commitment from our business partners. 

To embed these principles in our corporate culture and commercial behavior, TOMRA has established policies defining processes and control features designed to protect the interests of TOMRA’s different stakeholders.

TOMRA recognizes that its business operations impact a range of stakeholder groups, including employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and other business partners. Therefore, to properly manage these relationships and ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations, TOMRA has developed a Code of Conduct covering the actions and behavior of its employees and board members worldwide. Every member of the TOMRA workforce (including temporary staff), and all board members, are required to comply with TOMRA’s Code of Conduct, related policies and guidelines.

The primary purpose of TOMRA’s Code of Conduct is to ensure that everyone acting on behalf of TOMRA behaves in a responsible and ethical manner. Adherence to this protocol will also help to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, and provide a framework for what TOMRA considers responsible conduct. As the code is not exhaustive, TOMRA employees are expected to exercise good judgment, care and consideration when representing the company.

As one of the first companies to recognize that a better environment is better for business, TOMRA has been at the forefront of resource-productivity initiatives for four decades. Led by the spirit of innovation, TOMRA still constantly strives to optimize resources and improve its own practices. As part of expanding its environmental program to include other CR-related topics, TOMRA signed the UN Global Compact at the end of 2009. It was, therefore, quite natural that its own Corporate Responsibility (CR) Program should be linked to the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact. The topics jointly covered by the CR Program and the relevant sections of the UN Global Compact call for companies to align their strategies and operations with universal principles on human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption, and commit to actions which advance societal goals.