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TOMRA showcases latest technologies at ALUMINUM USA

A strong ALUMINUM USA convention in Nashville, TN, on October 25 and 26, 2017, saw a 13% surge in attendance over the previous show. Eric Thurston, sales manager metals – recycling, and Frank van de Winkel, business development manager metals, met with hundreds of attendees, including representatives from the major automakers, to discuss TOMRA Sorting Recycling’s latest sensor sorting technology.  

06 December 2017

Aluminum USA

LIBS-based sensor sorting technology stole the show as most companies were eager to learn how the equipment sorts and separates different aluminium alloys and achieves high levels of separation efficiency. Aluminum recyclers are looking for ways to increase material recovery rates, purity levels and recovery prices, and the LIBS sensor offers sorting accuracies of greater than 99% purity.

 Eric and Frank also featured two additional TOMRA sorting technologies for exhibit visitors. The recently re-engineered X-TRACT combines X-ray transmission (XRT) and DUOLINE® technology to deliver superior recognition of a variety secondary resources, including aluminium, pushing recovery purities to as high as 98-99% while delivering fewer product losses.

 TOMRA’s highly flexible COMBISENSE also drew attention from delegates looking for high purity metal fractions separation in a batch feed process. Featuring the patented FLUIDCOOL LED technology that delivers a constant, reliable light source, COMBISENSE delivers maximum yield stability and reproducible sorting results, based on material shape, color and magnetic properties.

 “TOMRA offers aluminum recyclers unmatched applications expertise and sorting and separating solutions, custom-engineered to meet production needs, purity standards and budget constraints,” says Eric, “and attendees appreciated the value of our substantial experience.” Frank adds, “ALUMINUM was a very strong show for TOMRA, and we have many critical leads to develop in the coming months.”