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Big answers for Grand Lyon’s waste plastics

28 November 2018


AUTOSORT machines tackle Grand Lyon’s plastic packaging waste

TOMRA Sorting France has been appointed to supply the technology to sort 68,000 tons of plastic packaging waste per year from the 1.4 million inhabitants of the Grand Lyon metropolitan area.

At Paprec Group, the heart of a sorting line designed by Aktid will consist of 15 TOMRA AUTOSORT 4 Touch sensor-based sorting machines, providing a total treatment width greater than 40 meters. At Groupe Nicollin, Hofmann's sorting line will include four 2.8-metre AUTOSORT 4 Touch machines to process multi-material and lightweight packaging to extract nine streams: magazine journals, cartons, food cartons, mixed paperboard, steel, aluminum, clear PET, dark PET, and HDPE.

Frédéric Durand, General Manager of TOMRA Sorting France, said: “We are very proud of the trust that the Paprec and Nicollin Groups have put in TOMRA. By sorting all the selective collections in the Grand Lyon in 2019, the TOMRA AUTOSORT machines will significantly help improve the value of packaging, particularly plastics."

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