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So much to see: Visit TOMRA at IFAT 2018

05 April 2018

Visit TOMRA at IFAT 2018 - on Stand B6. 339/438

TOMRA Sorting Solutions invites you to visit the company’s exhibition stand at IFAT 2018, the world’s leading trade fair for environmental technologies, at Messe München, Germany, on May 14-18. TOMRA can be found in Hall B6, on stand 339/438.

The theme of the stand will be ‘One planet, one recycling solution’ - and the solution, of course, is TOMRA. To confirm this, the stand will feature four consulting stations, each with a distinct theme: metal recycling, waste, the circular economy, and the future. Each of these stations will be attended by a TOMRA expert who can answer any questions you might have and provide further information.

TOMRA’s solutions are all-embracing because of its commitment to innovation - not only in the machines the company develops and manufactures, but also in its vision for our planet’s more sustainable future. In this constant push for innovation, TOMRA actively welcomes suggestions from customers and is offering a TOMRA InPulse Award with a prize for the best idea. Entries only need to be short and can be posted in a box on the ‘Future’ section of TOMRA’s IFAT stand or by clicking here.

More than this, TOMRA Sorting’s whole way of thinking is driven by four pillars of innovation. One of those pillars is innovative technology. A recent example of this is TOMRA’s new Laser Object Detection (LOD) system, capable of detecting material that near infrared technology (NIR) cannot. This enables waste and scrap recycling operations to reach final product purity levels that were previously unattainable. Another example is AUTOSORT BLACK, the first machine to recover valuable black polymers from packaging materials.

Another pillar of innovation is in applications. A great example is how TOMRA Sorting Solutions has enhanced AUTOSORT so that it is now possible to separate single-layer PET trays from PET bottles. This innovative new application enhances AUTOSORT’s previous capability to separate multi-layer trays.

A third pillar of innovation is digital development. To demonstrate this, the ‘Future’-themed consulting station on the IFAT stand will feature the possibility for stand visitors to interact with live data using TOMRA Insight, giving customers remote, real-time insights into their recycling machines’ management and performance.   

TOMRA’s fourth pillar of innovation is the circular economy. As illustration of this, TOMRA signed-up last year as a member of the New Plastics Economy. This three-year initiative, led by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, brings together businesses, governments, scientists and citizens to accelerate the transition towards a global plastics system guided by the principles of the circular economy.


With so many exciting new developments to discover and talk about at IFAT 2018, we look forward to meeting you there!