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Organic waste 

The total waste volume contains a high percentage of organic waste material. Depending on the origin country, this fraction is treated in different ways. Within the organic fraction, the inert material can cause significant problems during the different treatment processes.

Inert organic waste material content must be reduced to a minimum in such a way that as little organic material as possible is lost. In order to operate an effective and efficient organic waste separation machine, it is necessary to empty and clean the decomposition unit more frequently. Time spent cleaning the organic waste separation machine will inevitably mean a loss of time in the bio-gas production process. Potential mechanical component damage from inorganic residue build up will also lead to additional maintenance costs.

TOMRA's sensor-based technology makes it worthwhile to sort fresh organic waste - regardless of contamination level. By combining NIR and XRT technology, customers enjoy a high and stable purity rate - with a quick ROI.