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TOMRA Sorting showcases metal sorting systems at CMRA Annual Convention, China

With China’s need for ultra-efficient metal waste sorting growing rapidly, TOMRA Sorting exhibited its latest automated sorting systems at the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association (CMRA) Annual Convention.

12 November 2014

TOMRA Sorting at CRMA

Held in Guangzhou from November 7-9, the convention is the country’s leading expo for the conservation and re-use of metals. TOMRA Sorting showcased its latest ultra-efficient metal sorting systems, including the TITECH x-tract, TITECH combisense and TITECH finder systems.

TITECH x-tract is ideal for the sorting and separation of aluminum from heavy and nonferrous metals – including zinc, copper, brass and stainless steel – with the objective of obtaining a pure supply of aluminum. Other metals are removed using compressed air.

The TITECH combisense system sorts separate fractions of copper, brass, printed circuit boards (PCBs) and copper cabling, whilst the TITECH finder recovers metals from non-metal waste. The TITECH finder can also be used to further sort stainless steel and copper wires.

Accurate waste and mixed metal fractions quickly and efficiently
Commenting on the convention, TOMRA Sorting Recycling country manager, China, Jacob Rognhaug, said: “With the continued rise of the highly competitive aviation and automotive industries in China, which have their own specialized material requirements, there is a need to provide accurate waste and mixed metal fractions as quickly and efficiently as possible.”

“Likewise, China’s electronics industry requires the careful conservation of copper and other materials which demands the fast, efficient sorting of various forms of cabling, along with PCBs.”

“TOMRA Sorting has the automated sorting solutions these industries demand in addition to an established and growing presence in China. We are absolutely committed to our customers here, and we work closely with them to respond fully to their individual needs.”