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Global sensor-based sorting specialist, TOMRA Sorting Recycling, will demonstrate the latest additions to its range of technologies available for the UK market  at RWM in September this year.

04 August 2017

TOMRA_X-TRACT_ German Design Award_170412

Coinciding with its 10th anniversary in the UK, TOMRA will launch its new AUTOSORT LASER  for glass and introduce laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) and the newly updated X-TRACT, two new additions to TOMRA’s metals sorting portfolio.

TOMRA will launch AUTOSORT LASER which can help to recover more than 95 per cent of glass from fresh municipal waste.

Another new introduction to the UK market is TOMRA’s LIBS-based sensor sorting technology. TOMRA’s new technology, for the first time, can sort and separate different aluminium wrought alloys and achieve high levels of separation efficiency. Sorting accuracies range above 99% purity with throughputs of between 3 and 7 tons per hour, depending on the input characteristics and bulk density of the material to be sorted.

In addition to its LIBS technology, TOMRA will showcase the newly updated X-TRACT at RWM. By combining X-ray transmission (XRT) and DUOLINE® technology, the X-TRACT separates a variety of metals with high precision, so that purities of 98-99% can be achieved, even from a most varied mix and with small grain sizes.

TOMRA is an international company with strong national support structures in the key markets. Brian Gist, global sales director, metals comments: “In 2007 we started with only three employees. Today, the company has a team of 17 UK-based specialists.

“Over the last ten years, more than 300 TOMRA sorting units have been installed in over 80 per cent of all MRFs of the UK. This is an achievement we are very proud of.” Brian Gist and his team will be on hand at stand 4L20-M21 to explain TOMRA’s sorting technology and its application in detail and answer visitors’ questions.