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Recycling technology

As the global pioneer in sensor-based sorting, TOMRA’s sorting technology continues to dynamically drive the development of increasingly better and newer sensors. Customers benefit from exceptional material detection that lead to optimized product yield.

TOMRA Simplified Sorting Scheme

Simplified Sorting Scheme

TOMRA Sorting Solutions offers an extensive and exclusive range of advanced detection technologies for identifying and separating a wide variety of materials. Pioneers in the automation of waste sorting, TOMRA Sorting's innovative sensors indentify and recover recyclable materials accurately and profitably and with dramatic cost savings.

The high-resolution sensors found in TOMRA Sorting technology operate at a rate of up to 320,000 scan points per second. Coupled with exclusive and application-specific electronics, TOMRA's sensors lead to congruent data collection across multiple material characteristics.  This ensures precise identification of a broad range of materials, and means that both large objects can be precisely scanned and the smallest particles can be accurately detected.