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Koblenz, Germany

TOMRA Sorting Recycling customers are invited to test their own material with TOMRA machines in several test and demo centers around the globe, providing comprehensive services for the development of potential sensor-based sorting projects.

Test Center

Koblenz, Germany

The automatic sorting Test Center at our recycling hub in Mülheim-Kärlich, Germany, has been designed to allow a variety of different applications to be tested, including the mixed municipal waste sortingpackaging sorting, flake sorting, organic waste separation, wire recovery, WEEE, car shredder and many more. 

Operated by a specialist team of engineers, who work directly with customers to develop innovative work flows during the testing process, the sorting systems are calibrated to deliver optimum levels of sorting and recycling for each individual customer’s requirements. Set in a loop formation and using mechanical pre-preparation equipment often used by customers at their own facilities, the TOMRA Sorting Recycling Test Center ensures that a customer's operating environment can be accurately simulated. Whether considering AUTOSORT, AUTOSORT FLAKE, FINDER, COMBISENSE or X-TRACT  for our customers, results from these early tests will be input into customers’ new machines, ensuring that their new sorting environment is incredibly efficient from the moment they start using the machine.

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