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Operational Offerings

Our primary goal is to make sure that our machine systems are optimized so that you can get the most out of your facilities.

TOMRA Care on-site support

We ensure that the machine you ordered is accurately manufactured, installed and commissioned from the very beginning. Depending on which package(s) you choose, we support you in maximizing the operable life of TOMRA machines through regular maintenance and optimization. TOMRA Care offerings also support you in extending the lifespan of your operations - because we understand the importance of sustainability.

Installation & More
You’ve purchased TOMRA equipment. We make sure it’s correctly installed, calibrated and optimized for your specific application and material. And, because a machine without proper operation is of no usage, we provide on-site introductory instruction to get you on the right track. Full-service on our side translates to minimization of production losses on yours.

Contact us to find out more about: TOMRA Installation, TOMRA Commissioning and TOMRA Instruction.

Service Plus
Now that you are up and running, TOMRA Care offers options to help you keep going. Whether by telephone, remote connection or on-site, quick and reliable access to TOMRA service engineers often help to avoid serious production losses. Our established experience allows us to support local service crews or, if necessary, entirely carry out assignments which require deeper understanding and detailed knowledge. Our options help you make sure that every minute counts.

Contact us to find out more about: TOMRA Phone, TOMRA Connect, TOMRA 24/7 Phone and TOMRA On-Site.

Parts Depot
TOMRA machines are among the best and most reliable in the sensor-based sorting industry. However, normal operation results in wear and tear of components, making replacement a necessary part of business. In order to reduce downtime, we recommend having a core inventory of spare parts on-site and offer attractive packages. Of course, it is also possible to order parts on an as needed basis. Whatever you choose, we offer a variety of options to meet your individual needs.

Contact us to find out more about: TOMRA Parts-on-Demand, TOMRA Parts-on-Site, TOMRA Parts Sets and TOMRA Parts Repair.

As with many situations, prevention is the best medicine. Keeping your TOMRA machines at peak performance is of highest priority – for you and us. We offer various preventative packages with the goal of keeping your TOMRA equipment performing at exceptional levels. You decide the constellation of visits within the various options. We do the rest.

Contact us to find out more about: TOMRA Perform Contract, TOMRA On-Demand and TOMRA Perform Tour.

Upgrade to Future
TOMRA never stands still. As a pioneer in sensor-based sorting, we offer our customers access to some of the most advanced technology within the industry. Whether upgrades in hard- or software, we support you in extending the life of your machine, thus increasing your ROI. When upgrades no longer bring the results you need, our replacement program ensures that your facility continues to operate with the maximum efficiency and profitability.

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