Our robotic sorting system for high-purity plastics

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    Highly efficient FLYING BEAM™

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    Sort up to five individual fractions

Achieve top quality control with automated robotic waste sorting

As a part of our complementary product portfolio, AUTOSORT™ CYBOT offers an innovative solution to automate sorting processes and improve quality control. The robotic sorting system uses a combination of high-tech sensors and artificial intelligence to detect various materials and separate them according to your requirements. Even packaging with varying polymer-based labels can be accurately identified and sorted in up to five fractions to ensure the highest purity output.

AUTOSORT™ CYBOT delivers exceptional performance and operational efficiency thanks to its homogeneous light distribution for improved detection and monitoring across the entire belt width. The use of NIR/VIS and other sensor technologies enhance the identification of individual objects, making it possible to effectively separate materials that were once considered difficult to sort.

The automated robotic sorting system is flexible and designed to adapt to your exact specifications. Add-on technologies like electromagnetic sensors, deep learning applications, and cloud-based data monitoring provide your plant with a future-proof sorting system that meets the highest demands in post-consumer waste recycling.
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    GAIN™ - Deep learning

    As a pioneering add-on technology for the AUTOSORT™, GAIN™ makes it possible to sort objects which could previously not been separated based on their form and texture.

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