High yield purification of valuable fine grain metals

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    High precision color sorting

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    Maximum yield stability

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    Robust design for harsh environments

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    Fines sorting down to 2mm

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    Upgrade and purify metals

Achieve the highest purity and value of copper granulate and fines metal fractions.

COMBISENSE™ CHUTE offers high-precision, multiparameter sorting for upgrading, purifying and recovering metals as small as to 2mm in size. The highly stable fines-sorting unit combines sensor and software technologies developed in-house to detect, identify and concentrate pure metal fractions, creating a high-value end-product.

Maximum purity is effortlessly achieved thanks to its high resolution cameras that powerfully separate metals based on color and brightness. TOMRA’s Dual Processing Technology ensures exceptional sorting results by simultaneously processing object and area information to remove selected impurities, whether lead, aluminum or polymers.

Long-term sorting and yield stability are ensured thanks to its FLUIDCOOL™ LED cooling system that provides constant temperatures and uniform light distribution. With its robust mechanics designed to meet the unrelenting demands of heavy-duty applications and harsh environments, COMBISENSE™ CHUTE ensures long-term performance and consistently high yields for your operation.

  • FLUIDCOOL™ LED technology
  • Dual Processing Technology
  • Dual high resolution CRGB color cameras
  • Electromagnetic metal detection 



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