Cascade Singulator

This is the game-changing, industry-defining cherry singulation system. The carrying method is gentler. Damage to fruit is much rarer. Cluster separation is superior. And return on investment is fast. 

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    Easy to clean

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    Improved safety

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    Superior separation

Key benefits

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    Gentle handling

    Unlike traditional cluster cutters, which push cherries at speed to blades that can pit and bruise the fruit, this machine uses a water system to decelerate cherry velocity between each bank of separation.

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    Superior separation

    Custom design separators target the optimal point between two cherry stems. This reduces stem tears, and is less sensitive to stem-pull on mature fruit.  

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    Improves throughput

    Consistent singulation reduces clogs and bottlenecks on the line, increasing throughput. Cleaning and maintenance time and cost is also reduced. 

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    Increases profitability

    Consistent singulation also removes the need for hand separation in the orchard, reducing harvesting costs. Non-field-separated product can now be singulated while preserving its value for high-end export markets.  

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