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Line control and product tracking systems

Enhancing efficiency and providing traceability

Useable line data leads to better line control and decision-making. This leads, in turn, to greater efficiency and profitability. And this has become achievable thanks to the digital transformation of post-harvesting solutions.

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Smartline is a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) product for precise line control and turnkey project delivery and support. Built on the industry-leading Wonderware® software by Aveva, Smartline incorporates situational awareness concepts to provide users with information about key processes. This data is highly contextualized and easily interpreted, making it a useable way of unlocking greater line efficiencies. 

Adaptive Rate Controller

The Adaptive Rate Controller is designed for large fruit. By counting the fruit on a roller elevator and autonomously adjusting infeed speed, it optimizes sorter input. This is made possible by an in-feed mounted camera and pre-trained AI models.
Fresh Tracker


This quality tracking system measures all elements of production, tracing the origins and characteristics of individual products from harvesting to processing, packaging, and point-of-sale. It’s possible to track a product problem to the specific time, field, row, picker, and bin, to speed up resolution and avert the need for a total product recall. And even when things are going well, there’s often room for improvement – which is why FreshTracker generates batch reports and line performance information.
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