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TOMRA in the media

05 Sep 2023

Reusable takeaway packaging has significant potential to reduce carbon footprint vs single-use options

Reusable takeaway packaging could present a compelling climate case over single-use alternatives if return and washing systems are properly implemented and optimized, according to a new study today from Zero Waste Europe, Reloop, and TOMRA.

04 Sep 2023

AI Revolutionizing the Food Industry: From Sorting to Supply Chain Management & Customer Service

Studies have revealed that using new-age technologies like AI robotics can increase productivity by about 70% in the agricultural sector. The food and refreshment industry is growing rapidly by utilizing new innovations. The top players have been using artifical intelligence to retain their position in the industry.

28 Aug 2023

BSI+ Technology in the TOMRA 5C is key to sweet corn seed sorting and dent maize elimination at Chilean Company Uwafen Seeds

TOMRA Food has a proven track record at the forefront of sorting in a multitude of products with different technologies. The star for this application is TOMRA’s unique Biometric Signature Identification (BSI) technology featured in the TOMRA 5C acquired by Uwafen Seeds, a Chilean company dedicated to the production of high-quality sweet corn seeds.