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tomra 5b sorting machine

The TOMRA 5B sorting machine guarantees optimal sorting of your food products, from vegetables and potatoes to leafy products. It helps you to meet the highest standards for both food safety and quality.




TOMRA’s new sorting solution now lifts this historical and unique performance to an even higher level by leveraging the large portfolio of technologies within the TOMRA sorting businesses. This way, TOMRA is able to provide an exceptional value proposition for today and the future needs of your industry.


BS Cocinados (Spain)

BS Cocinados, producer of ready-made Spanish Omelettes, has decided to partner with TOMRA Food. Their new plant in Funes (Navarre) is an ambitious project which will significantly increase production capacity at BS Cocinados, S.L. Cutting-edge technology is necessary to achieve the desired quality standards, which is why the company has purchased a second TOMRA 5B unit with the latest chassis developments.

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Monte Vista (California, US)

Monte Vista is a grower and packer of California almonds, located in Denair. They seek out customers who are very demanding and wat the best quality almonds that California can produce. With TOMRA, they increased safety, volume and flexibility, all in one package.



  • Excellent performance
  • State-of-the-art hygiene features that comply with the latest standards and regulations
  • Improved product quality and removal of foreign objects with 360-surround view with smart surround view technology
  • Minimal product wastage, by minimizing the level of false rejects, resulting in higher yield
  • More accurate removal of foreign objects and defects
  • Greater automation
  • A more intuitive and less operator-dependent sorting process because of the new Graphical User Interface, TOMRA ACT
  • Real-time performance feedback
  • User-friendly design

A powerful combination of exceptional features, state-of-the-art innovation and ease of use makes the TOMRA 5B sorting machine an excellent addition to the TOMRA range, guaranteeing excellent results throughout the entire sorting process.

Discover more about the TOMRA 5B in our press release. You can also download the brochure for more detailed background information in our download center.




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Key features

Sensor Technology

The TOMRA 5B sorting machine is a state-of-the-art, user-friendly system that guarantees high levels of productivity. It incorporates a range of innovative technologies, including the award-winning user interface TOMRA ACT, smart surround view technology and SmartSort.

  • 360-degree surround view
  • Dome LEDs with smart surround view technology
  • Full Sensor combination technology
  • SmartSort
  • Intelligent CUI - TOMRA ACT
  • Smart ejection module

Product Benefits

  • High performance
  • Optimized yield
  • Highest quality products
  • User-friendly
  • Hygienic design
  • Food safety

Advanced Sorting Criteria

The TOMRA 5B is capable of sorting multiple food products based on the following parameters:

  • High resolution color
  • Structure
  • Advanced shape
  • Biological elements, such as chlorophyll and solanine

Technical specification

 5B Series 8005B Series 1200
Capacity1 - 5 tons/hr2 - 8 tons/hr
(L x W x H, mm)
4,125 x 1,600 x 2,950 mm (162 x 63 x 116")4,125 x 2,000 x 2,950 mm (162 x 79 x 116")
Infeed belt width1,200 mm (47")1,200 mm (47")
Air pressure input6 - 7 bar6 - 7 bar
Electrical consumption3ph+N: 5kVA3ph+N: 7,5kVA
 5B Series 16005B Series 2000
Capacity3 - 12 tons/hr4 - 16 tons/hr
(L x W x H, mm)
4,125 x 2,400 x 2,950 mm (162 x 94 x 116")4,125 x 2,800 x 2,950 mm (162 x 110 x 116")
Infeed belt width1,200 mm (47")1,200 mm (47")
Air pressure input6 - 7 bar6 - 7 bar
Electrical consumption3ph+N: 10kVA3ph+N: 10kVA