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Digital Starter Pack

Make a smart investment even savvier. Digital tools help you improve operational efficiency, engage your customers in new ways, and maximize uptime to create the optimum recycling experience for your customers and employees.





Weekly Digest

Weekly Digest
Weekly Digest

Digital RVM management means... higher returns

Up to 47% of customers combine recycling with their stock-up shopping trips, and digital tools help you make your store their first choice*.

… better customer engagement Make

recycling at your store a seamless part of your customers’ lives by staying connected in the myTOMRA app and making sure your RVM is ready for recycling when they are.

… and more efficient store operations

Real-time RVM status monitoring and weekly usage reporting help you plan your staff needs for more uptime and uninterrupted customer service.

A whole new level of benefit that’s already included in your investment.

TOMRA’s Digital Starter Pack makes your recycling program work even harder for your store, without costing you a thing.

Help your employees have a great recycling experience, too.

Your staff can be proactive and feel in control of your RVM’s maintenance, from cleaning to bin changes, with digital tools that make management more transparent and efficient.

Give your customers back the time they spent in queue.

Maximize uptime and return efficiency, so customers can spend less time waiting to recycle and more time shopping your store.

A customer’s great recycling experience starts before they reach your store.

Your customers live in a digital world, and myTOMRA helps you meet them there. Enhance the benefits of recycling at your store by personalizing the customer experience and integrating with customer lifestyles.

Choose what works for you.

TOMRA’s digital tools offer the most benefit when they work together, but they’re all available individually so you can decide what benefits your store best.


Product Specifications

MyTOMRA: Become your customers’ favorite store.

  • Put your store on the map so your customers can see you’re open and ready for recycling.
  • Customers scan their personal barcode or QR code at your RVM to connect to their myTOMRA account.
  • Digital vouchers offer paperless payout that allows your customers to receive their refund at any of your store’s locations, or through a third-party vendor like PayPal.
  • Personal profiles, gamification and social media sharing turn doing the right thing into doing a fun thing.
  • Integrate your customers’ recycling experience with your store’s loyalty program by purchasing additional API services.


Notify+Assist Basic: Maximize uptime with real-time monitoring.

  • Remote monitoring and notifications keep the status of your RVM fleet at your fingertips.
  • Instant notifications help you make sure you’re ready for your customers when they come to recycle with you.
  • Support your staff with in-app instructions to find the source of common problems so you can get back to business quickly.


Weekly Digest: Intelligence in your inbox.

  • Track your RVM’s performance and plan for maximum efficiency.
  • Each week you’ll receive a single report that clues you in to key data to help you make smart choices:
  • How many containers your store collected
  • The environmental impact of your recycling program
  • How many customers your RVM served
  • Total refund payout value
  • Number of cleaning programs completed by staff


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