TOMRA H30 reverse vending machine cover


Plug right in to a simple recycling solution

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    Designed for convenience and small stores 

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    Accept cans and plastic bottles 

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    Footprint of 0,8m²

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    Up to 40 containers per minute

Enjoy greater flexibility: with its small footprint, the H30 leaves you plenty of space for sales.

Plus, it only needs a standard power outlet, so finding a place in-store is easier than ever. The H30 is ideal for stores collecting from low to medium volumes.

The H30 is fully connected with TOMRA Digital solutions, so smart management and customer engagement are even simpler and more effective. 

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  • Powered with TOMRA Flow™

H30 - Plug right in to a simple recycling solution

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    You can be recycling-ready without changing a thing

    With the most flexible installation requirements of any reverse vending machine, the H30 is ready to recycle just about anywhere. Whether it is indoors or semi-outdoor, all it takes is 0,8m² and an ordinary electrical outlet for your store to be recycling-ready. 

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    Simplicity and efficiency make it a cinch to manage

    Straightforward operation, intuitive maintenance guidance and all-day storage capacity for refillable packaging mean the H30 is trouble-free for your staff and convenient for your customers.

  • TOMRA H11 reverse vending machine touch screen

    Engage your consumers in recycling

    Make recycling easy and intuitive for everyone with the interactive touchscreen ideal for promotions and consumer engagement. Reward and build loyalty with consumer engagement solutions.

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