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Reverse vending machines for bottle and can recycling

Each year, 1.4 trillion beverage containers are used around the world, representing a vast amount of material that can be collected and reused or recycled. If this is done in the right way, we can help protect our planet by minimizing plastic pollution and litter, conserving precious resources like energy and water, and reducing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with creating containers from scratch.
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TOMRA Collection is a leader in the circular economy and a catalyst for Clean Loop Recycling. Founded on the invention of the world's first reverse vending machine, we are now responsible for approximately 85,000 installations across more than 60 global markets, capturing more than 46 billion used beverage containers every year.

Reverse vending for everyone

  • Female employee stocking shelves with water bottles in a store
    Female employee stocking shelves with water bottles in a store

    Reverse vending for retailers

    At TOMRA, we're not just about machines. We're about putting recycling to work for you. Whether you're a modest convenience store or a hefty hypermarket, our cutting-edge reverse vending machines, digital tools, and range of services are ready to streamline your operations, boost your customer satisfaction, and create a positive environmental impact with fast and convenient recycling facilities.
  • Reverse vending machines in a row
    Reverse vending machines in a row

    Redemption centers and bottle depots

    TOMRA's Expert Line systems offer a counting and sorting solution for high-volume bottle and can redemption centers, beverage wholesalers, and logistics facilities. Optimize your operations with TOMRA's advanced technology, designed for maximizing speed and throughput without sacrificing accuracy.
  • Deposit return policy resources

    As policymakers consider how to reduce plastic pollution, recover and reuse more materials, and move towards a circular economy, deposit return systems are being evaluated as a policy tool for their ability to significantly raise beverage container recycling rates. With over 50 years’ experience innovating and managing deposit return systems in more than 40 global markets, TOMRA can advise and share first-hand expertise.
  • Recyclers

    Every year, TOMRA's reverse vending solutions capture more than 45 billion drink containers across the globe, but there's still plenty more to do! Support the Clean Loop initiative for continuous recycling of bottles and cans. Together, we can make a difference and keep trash out of society's streets, rivers, oceans, and landfills!

Solutions for every need

Plastic pollution is everybody's business

About reverse vending

Deposit return systems have achieved return rates of up to 98% of eligible beverage containers, making a huge positive impact on plastic pollution and container litter.

Reverse vending machines (RVMs) are a key technology for enabling deposit return systems. It is an automated way to collect, sort and handle the return of containers.

TOMRA reverse vending machines not only facilitate returns, but also instantly refund the deposit due from bottle and can recycling, as well as offering other benefits. This motivates repeat use and raises collection rates. Reverse vending often becomes part of communities’ everyday routines, so recycling is made convenient, efficient and rewarding.


Leading the Resource Revolution: For over 50 years, TOMRA Collection has led the way in reverse vending technology development, collecting over 45 billion containers annually to keep them in the Clean Loop, thereby reducing waste in streets, oceans, and landfills. Our innovative approach ensures a sustainable, waste-free world.

Becoming a Fully Circular Business: TOMRA is committed to environmental stewardship; we target net-zero GHG emissions by 2050, focusing on the circularity of our products and their entire value chain.

Safe, Fair, and Inclusive: Integrity, fairness, and the well-being of our people are at the heart of our operations. TOMRA strives to be an employer of choice by ensuring a safe and supportive work environment that values cultural diversity, equity, and inclusiveness.

I have already recommended TOMRA to several stores. It is the best solution we can get and the customers are super happy about it.

Martin Jørgensen Store Owner, SuperBrugsen Haarby

[TOMRA R1] really attracts customers. There are really a lot of customers who come here just for the machine.

Jan Kinzen Edeka Meyer's Frischecenter store employee

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