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Efficiency in action: Costcutter Windy Arbour in Dublin success with TOMRA M1

The store has truly increased efficiency and its contribution to recycling with the implementation of the TOMRA M1 to support Ireland’s new deposit return scheme (DRS) for drink containers. As a trial site, they embraced this initiative from the start, with the reverse vending system installed since September 5th, 2023.

Dublin, Ireland. Costcutter Windy Arbour, a 4500 square feet store located in Dundrum, a lively area in Dublin’s suburbs, chose the TOMRA M1 to streamline their recycling service to its customers.

Since the deposit return scheme went live in Ireland in February 2024, the store saw the number of drink containers returned to their store rise more than 350%, marking a significant contribution to recycling. “We've embraced the process. We've educated our team and educated our customers in turn,” says Aaron Massey, owner of the independent store.

A reliable partner

The store’s reverse vending system has maintained an impressive uptime average, an indication of the smooth integration of the TOMRA M1 into their operations. The store’s proactive approach to maintenance is evident, with minimal downtime experienced since installation.

​Discussing reliability, Aaron underscores his choice of TOMRA as his store supplier: “Being able to have a partner like TOMRA, being there on the telephone or being there in person, makes a massive, massive help for us.” For him, the partnership with TOMRA has been distinguished by its efficiency and responsiveness.

“We wanted to partner up with somebody that knew exactly what was going on and that wouldn't just sell the product to us and leave us. That will stay with us through this journey.”

Aaron Massey Costcutter Windy Arbour owner


TOMRA Collection Ireland work with its customers to ensure the most suitable product is selected for their store. Peter Whelan, Managing Director of TOMRA Collection Ireland, explains that the TOMRA team spent eight weeks educating Aaron’s store and liaising with him about TOMRA’s portfolio and after-sales support available in Ireland, backed up by a full local customer service team.

Aaron very much bought into the process, knowing that TOMRA could provide the support that was required to help him in the market.”

Peter Whelan, Managing Director, TOMRA Collection Ireland
Peter Whelan Managing Director, TOMRA Collection Ireland

Enhanced customer satisfaction

The TOMRA M1 machine seamlessly integrates into the store's operations and has impressed customers with its remarkable ease of use. Costcutter Windy Arbour experienced a positive response from both store personnel and customers, thanks to its intelligent design, which ensures a smooth and efficient recycling experience.

The introduction of the TOMRA M1 at Costcutter Windy Arbour has not only supported in the efficient collection of containers but Aaron believes it will also become a catalyst for attracting more customers to his store.  “The [TOMRA] M1 machine is perfect for what we're looking for. It's perfect for our quantity at the moment. And if anything, we'll probably have to expand it in five years,” says Aaron.

We're very happy with it. The machine is very easy and intelligent as well.”

Aaron Massey Costcutter Windy Arbour owner