Our sensor-based sorters make it possible to significantly increase the efficiency and lifetime of a mining operation. Integrating our machines into your sorting processes improves the whole system at various stages. Increase output and product quality and reduce overall costs while enjoying several additional benefits.

New AI-feature: OBTAIN™

OBTAIN™ - A groundbreaking deep learning technology for TOMRA's sorters, revolutionizes ore sorting by enabling precise detection and classification of individual particles, even when clustered.

OBTAIN™ is an industry-first: single-particle precision in high-throughput ore sorting. This revolutionary software uses a Neuronal Network to identify the properties of each particle accurately and independently of the sorter’s capacity, achieving unparalleled precision and reliability in detection and ejection. Based on their specific requirements, the mining operation has the flexibility to either enhance the throughput of the sorter while maintaining consistent sorting efficiency or improve sorting precision without compromising the existing throughput. It is a true game changer.

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  • high precision free particles

    Industrial Minerals

    Increase recovery and cut costs through pre-concentration, add value by upgrading your product to a higher quality: choose the solution that best fits your application and reap the benefits.

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  • diamonds studio image


    Maximize diamond recovery while optimizing costs. Achieve both with our holistic approach and cutting-edge technologies, and benefit from the outstanding results.

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  • Gold

    Metallic Ores

    Improve the grade and marginal material, increase your throughput, remove contamination, raise your quality: benefit from a quicker ROI through higher value of your product.

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Sensor-based sorting products

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