PRO Tertiary COLOR

PRO Tertiary COLOR


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    High precision color sorting

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    Highest resolution for +2mm particles

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    Consistent premium product quality

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    Small footprint

The PRO Tertiary COLOR was designed to pre-concentrate material from 2mm to 30mm particle sizes. It offers the benefit of a compact design and features a specialized mechanical platform with increased precision and high performing air ejector valves that ensures a level of performance never seen before in processing these small particle sizes.

The COLOR identification technology consists of line scan cameras with high resolution and cutting-edge color selectivity that process simultaneously multiple material characteristics such as size, shape, brightness, and color distribution. The illumination unit uses state-of-the-art LED technology to achieve repeatable and highly efficient sorting results.

The PRO Tertiary COLOR combines leading-edge hardware and software features with flexible sorting task configurations that address the challenges of a dynamic market landscape.

What’s more, the PRO Tertiary COLOR comes with the option of connecting to our secure, cloud-based data monitoring platform, TOMRA Insight. This add-on service digitally connects sorting units, which provide high-value data that helps you maximize your plant’s throughput and boost your output quality.


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We have achieved the desired quality standard and seen a decrease in waste, which means productivity has increased. The system design is quite successful and the TOMRA service team is good at their job.

Nazmi Cetin_Mine and plant Manager at Mikroman
Nazmi Çetin Mine and plant Manager at Mikroman