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Test & Demonstration Centers

We welcome you to put our sensor-based sorting systems to the ultimate challenge with material from your mine.

Your Material. Our Machines.

Powerful Results.

We have three test centers located across the globe focused on mining, each providing different testing possibilities. The centers are located at our headquarters in Hamburg (Germany) in Sydney (Australia) and Johannesburg (South Africa).

TOMRA Sorting provides a broad portfolio of sensor technology. In order to find the best suited sensor combination for any sorting task we recommend to our client to start of with a feasibility study.

Diamond sorting process

Test Center Locations

Hamburg-Wedel, Germany

Wedel Test center


TOMRA Sorting GmbH
Feldstraße 128
22880 Wedel

Contact person

Markus Dehler
Test Center Manager Wedel

Sydney, Australia

Test Center - Australia


TOMRA Sorting Pty Ltd.
Unit 1, 20 Anella Ave
NSW, 2154, Castle Hill/Sydney

Contact person

Gavin Rech
Sales and Technical manager Australia

Johannesburg, South Africa

Test center Johannesburg 1


TOMRA sorting (Pty) Ltd
37 Angus Ave
Longmeadow East
South Africa

Contact person(s)

Helga van Lochem
Sales Manager Southern Africa
Corné de Jager
Diamond Segment Manager