8 April 2022

#WeAreTOMRA: Meet Tuukka, Field Service Technician

For Tuukka, a company that takes care of its employees and the environment, as well as great teamwork, are the reasons why he loves his job.  

Man in truck

What do you do at TOMRA?

I work in TOMRA Collection Finland as a Field Service Technician. I’ve been working here in TOMRA for five years. I also contribute our social media as the officialSocial Media Technician on Finland’s Instagram account. I post stories and videos of our everyday work life, and funny and interesting stuff we come face to face with our job.

Also, I’m now starting to be part of the Sales team. I’m responsible for service, maintenance, and installation of our Collection solutions. I don’t really have a “typical “workday because every day is different. One morning I jump into my car and do typical maintenance or service calls; the next day, I might have meetings with colleagues or clients, or undergo some trainings on the reverse vending machines or for the overall system. The following day, I install new machines. Sometimes I plan to do something and suddenly I end up doing something else because we need to be responsive and flexible.

What do you like most about working in TOMRA?

The best thing about working in TOMRA is that I got to be part of an awesome team, and not just my immediate team but the entire organization in Finland and Northern Europe. The people I work with are awesome; we get along well and work hard together, finding better solutions for everything and helping each other out. Some of my colleagues became my closest friends, and it is not just work stuff we talk about. TOMRA really takes care of its employees well and it is not just the products we have that are top-notch, we are also provided the best tools and assets to do our job.


What kind of things do you like doing outside of work?

There are so many different things I like to do outside of work. I like to exercise a lot and play American football. I’ve played American football for seven years and play in the highest league in Finland. I’m competitive against myself. I always try to be better than I was the day before. I love to go out a lot with friends and family. I also go play disc golf and like to play video games. The biggest challenge I have is where I get enough time to do all of this!


man playing american football

What about TOMRA makes you proud?

Of course, the environmental factor! The feeling that I’m doing something for this planet and its future. Also, I love to be part of TOMRA as the front-runner in technology in our Collection solutions. I love when I see in the customers’ or consumers’ eyes the “WOW, I couldn’t believe this was possible!" feeling. And no matter what your position in the company is, you are always in one way or another, helping people out with solving their problems. I’m really proud that I get the chance every day in my work to help people or make things easier for them.