Now recyclers can empty an entire bag of drink containers in seconds: introducing TOMRA R1

Multi-feed reverse vending solution gives shoppers more attractive, convenient recycling experience

Global reverse vending leader TOMRA has today unleashed the highly-anticipated TOMRA R1, which enables recyclers to pour over 100 empty beverage containers into the machine in one go – rather than inserting them one by one.

Tailored to larger stores and redemption facilities collecting high volumes of containers, TOMRA R1 offers a more user-friendly and convenient recycling experience. This can attract visitors and increase the volume of containers returned, leading to increased loyalty and revenues for retailers. TOMRA R1 hits the market today in Norway and Sweden, and for redemption centers in the US, and will roll out to other markets in the months ahead. It will be on show at EuroShop, the world’s largest retail trade fair, on 16-20 February in Dusseldorf.

“The machine is totally fantastic! Customers love it, and we definitely have customers coming to the store because of it,” explained Fredrik Hallenstvedt, Store Manager at Meny Borreveien in Norway, one of the testing locations for TOMRA R1. “Since installing the machine we have experienced over 200% growth in the volume of containers compared to the year before.”

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How does it work?

Shoppers simply open the hatch and pour their empty cans and plastic bottles into the machine, and close the lid to begin the counting and sorting process. They then collect their voucher and start shopping. Ineligible containers are returned to the user via the reject chute.

Attractive recycling results in more store visits and spending


The multi-feed TOMRA R1 has been tested in the field by retailers and recyclers in Norway and Sweden since 2016. Test stores registered an up to 60% increase in the number of consumer recycling sessions compared to the year before, and up to 218% more containers returned. Consumer response to TOMRA R1 has been enormous, with a demonstration video uploaded to social media by one of the tests stores now viewed over 425,000 times. Making recycling easy for consumers also enables retailers to demonstrate their sustainability commitments.

With an accessible product design, the new TOMRA R1 is easy to clean and maintain. TOMRA R1 is also the first RVM with an operator interface screen located inside the machine, so store personnel have all the information they need at their fingertips.

For recyclers, TOMRA R1 provides a mess-free recycling experience as there is no need to handle each bottle – so consumers can do their part for the planet without getting their hands sticky. TOMRA R1 is also intuitive to use, reduces queues, and offers efficient and fast recycling. When returning over 100 beverage containers, recycling at TOMRA R1 is up to five times faster than using a single-feed solution, since containers do not need to be inserted one by one.

A 2018 TOMRA survey of Nordic consumers revealed that recyclers are valuable customers because they bring extra store traffic, tend to use their deposit refund for shopping at the store where they recycle, and spend more money at each store visit. 40% also choose where they recycle based on the quality of the recycling experience: preferring shorter queues and a clean, fast reverse vending solution.

“TOMRA R1 enables stores and redemption centers to offer the best recycling experience and truly wow their customers,” said Harald Henriksen, Head of TOMRA Collection Solutions. “The multi-feed concept fundamentally transforms the recycling experience. During our tests we have seen recyclers come with trailers full of containers, drive past other stores in order to use TOMRA R1, and tag family and friends on social media encouraging them to try it out.”

Features at a glance

Bringing together the premium products from different categories in TOMRA’s reverse vending portfolio, TOMRA R1 can pair with the T9 reverse vending machine to add handling of glass containers, and connect to TOMRA’s MultiPac Air high-speed, high-capacity storage cabinets.

TOMRA partners with retailers on TOMRA R1 in offering reverse vending as a service, not merely being a supplier of machinery. As well as the cutting-edge reverse vending equipment, TOMRA is offering the product as part of an all-inclusive package:

TOMRA R1 is powered by TOMRA Flow Technology for industry-leading recognition and system integrity, and compatible with TOMRA’s full portfolio of Digital products, which add value for both recyclers and retailers.

For redemption centers, TOMRA R1 empowers facilities to move toward automated returns and away from manual, over-the-counter handling of containers, or to increase a facility’s capacity by moving from single-feed machines to multi-feed offerings.

Retailers can contact TOMRA or their local TOMRA representative to arrange a demonstration of the new TOMRA R1 multi-feed reverse vending solution.

Notes for editors

Locations with test versions of TOMRA R1:

Eager recyclers can try out preview versions of TOMRA R1 at the following stores:

  • Rema 1000 Gystadparken (Norway)
  • COOP OBS Lillestrøm (Norway)
  • Meny Borreveien (Norway)
  • ICA Kvantum Kvissleby (Sweden)
  • MaxiMat Töcksfors (Sweden)
  • ICA Maxi Eskilstuna (Sweden)
  • ICA Maxi Hälla (Sweden)
  • City Gross Växsjö (Sweden)

Quotes from store managers testing out TOMRA R1:

  • “The machine is totally fantastic! Customers love it, and the machine definitely attracts more people to our store. Since installing the machine we have experienced over 200% growth in the volume of containers compared to the year before.”
  • “We have gotten a lot of positive feedback. We have customers saying ‘since your store has such a nice machine, we will buy our groceries here at the same time’.”
  • “I am really happy with it. Customers come to our store to recycle, and then do their shopping here, too. We recently had two new competitors move next door, but we are still experiencing growth. I believe the new machine is a contributing factor.”

See the full case study with test store MaxiMat Töcksfors in Sweden.

Contact [email protected] if you have any questions, need images or would like to arrange to speak to the TOMRA team.

Download the TOMRA R1 press kit (images and video)

TOMRA R1 Press Kit 

TOMRA R1 reverse vending machine
R1 reverse vending machine
TOMRA R1 reverse vending machine