TOMRA wraps up a successful EuroShop

TOMRA Collection Solutions has returned from EuroShop 2020, the world’s largest trade fair for the retail sector, where we put recycling to work for retailers

TOMRA’s extensive display at EuroShop showcased how the company seeks to make recycling work harder for retailers, by offering a great recycling experience that attracts consumers to their stores. TOMRA received over 600 visits from 60 nationalities.

The 354m2 booth was bustling as the team demonstrated the latest products in the TOMRA range, such as the brand new TOMRA R1 multi-feed reverse vending solution, and the Express returns concept that enables recyclers at TOMRA R1 to pour out their containers and start shopping while they are still being processed, then receive a digital voucher later. Other concepts on show were the super compact TOMRA , and the rugged TOMRA S1 designed for semi-outdoor settings.

The myTOMRA consumer engagement tools expanded their potential reach through the addition of QR code identification, which enables a digital customer journey without retrofitting the machine to install a barcode reader. TOMRA also showcased its newest developments in service, especially how TOMRA employs big data analytics to keep reverse vending systems working harder and longer for retailers.

European retailers also got an opportunity to gain early insight into beverage container recycling programs, for those regions with upcoming deposit return schemes or European Union goals for the collection of plastic bottles through the Single-Use Plastics Directive. Deposit return schemes sometimes legislate the involvement of stores in receiving back plastic bottles for recycling.

TOMRA employee at Europshop
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Emily Penn (Co-founder, eXXpedition), Stefan Ranstrand (President & CEO, TOMRA) and Clarissa Morawski (CEO, Reloop Platform) share their insights in TOMRA Talks at EuroShop

Hitting the stage at EuroShop for the first time was TOMRA Talks, a series of lightning talks each day on the future of recycling, with TOMRA experts and our external community of changemakers and thought leaders. Organisations sharing their insights included Red Cross, The Recycling Lottery, eXXpedition, Reloop Platform and ReAct, tackling topics as diverse as digital collaboration in retail, extended producer responsibility and ocean plastic. They were joined by presentations from the heads of TOMRA, TOMRA Collection Solutions and the TOMRA Circular Economy division. Videos of the talks will be available shortly on Stay tuned!

TOMRA in the news screenshot
TOMRA in the news screenshot

Press coverage of TOMRA's EuroShop announcements

The TOMRA news that generated most buzz was the launch of TOMRA R1 and the unveiling of its Express returns concept. The news was published in European Supermarket MagazineRecycling Product NewsFoodBevWaste Management World, and many more. TOMRA had 30 press visits at EuroShop – including countries as far away as Japan and Argentina – and more than 40 articles about our EuroShop news.


Thank you to everyone who visited TOMRA Collection Solutions during EuroShop, and to everyone in the TOMRA team who made it possible. We look forward to seeing you at the next EuroShop event, in 2023!

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