First look at next-generation hardware, service and digital solutions for retailers

TOMRA previews five new reverse vending concepts for drink container recycling at EuroShop

The next generation of reverse vending solutions will be unveiled at the EuroShop retail trade fair from TOMRA, the leading provider of reverse vending machines (RVMs) for drink container recycling. The five new hardware, service and digital innovations seek to future proof reverse vending and redefine the recycling experience – for both the retailers offering reverse vending machines and their shoppers using them. The working concepts will be on show at EuroShop in Düsseldorf from 26 February to 2 March.

1. Multi-feed reverse vending for everyone

“Multi-feed” reverse vending, where consumers pour entire bags of aluminum cans and plastic bottles into the machine in one go rather than inserting containers one by one, was the first of a new generation and has taken off since the debut of TOMRA R1 at EuroShop 2020. The premium, high-speed TOMRA R1 is tailor made for stores with high volumes. Now, TOMRA unveils a new multi-feed concept, suitable for a wider range of stores, of all sizes. 

TOMRA Multi-feed concept
TOMRA's multi-feed concept

It offers a smaller physical footprint and is compatible with all TOMRA backroom solutions for increased flexibility and store layout options. This allows retailers to reuse existing backroom cabinets, thereby maximizing the lifespan of the equipment they already have and reducing the investment required to be able to offer their shoppers a multi-feed solution.

Over 400 TOMRA R1s have been sold, with stores on average seeing an 86% increase in containers returned and 33% rise in consumer sessions. “We have had huge interest from retailers and consumers in the more convenient and engaging multi-feed innovation,” explains Gudbrand Arnesen, Head of Product & Solution Management at TOMRA Collection. “Our new concept at EuroShop means multi-feed recycling is for everyone: soon all retailers can offer this new standard in reverse vending.”

2. The future of single-feed recycling

TOMRA will also preview a premium single-feed concept that seeks to redefine the recycling experience for consumers and offer more efficient store operations. It features a new attractive design and redesigned user interfaces, with a more personalized approach. It has a larger in-feed cone with guidance lights, and a proximity sensor that prompts the machine to “wake up” and greet a consumer when they approach. 

TOMRA single-feed concept
TOMRA's single-feed concept

In features contributing to product sustainability, the single-feed concept is the first TOMRA RVM to make a receipt printer optional, for a paperless refund and fully-digital user journey. It features power-saving modes to reduce power consumption. The single-feed concept also uses fewer materials and more easily-recyclable materials in its design.

With no printer paper to change, TOMRA's first ever keyless electronic door lock, and smoother surfaces for easier and faster cleaning, the single-feed concept is more efficient to own and operate. It’s also ready for the future, with the in-store ability to upgrade the machine to receive crates, and ready for 2D codes and serialization as standard.

3. Storage cabinets go vertical to reduce footprint

TOMRA will also preview a new backroom concept, with its first vertical backroom solution for storage of drink containers, adding height to storage cabinets. Designed for small to medium stores seeking space-efficient solutions, the backroom concept gives a flexible layout for cabinets, enabling it to fit most stores.  

TOMRA backroom concept for reverse vending machines
TOMRA's backroom concept

The new vertical cabinet is compatible with roller cage load carriers, the preferred logistics format for many supermarkets. This makes it a familiar and convenient system for stores, fitting with existing storage room infrastructure.

“Adding height to drink container storage means retailers can reduce the amount of valuable space that container storage takes up in store, or alternatively keep the same footprint and increase their capacity,” explains Gudbrand Arnesen. “This concept means stores can collect higher volumes and reduce the need for frequent bin emptying, with our most compact backroom solution ever.” 

4. Over-the-air digital concept for holistic reverse vending intelligence 

The machines themselves aren’t the only reverse vending concepts unveiling. Also previewing at EuroShop is an “over-the-air" digital concept, demonstrated by a prototype app with dashboards for both staff operating a store’s RVMs and for store management and administration, powered with artificial intelligence (AI).  

The concept brings together different reverse vending data and functionalities – including proactive notifications about actions required at the machine (such as bins approaching full), information on cleaning performance and machine usage to better plan day-to-day operations, and self-configuration of the RVM (including power-saving features, with more features to come).  

A digital one-stop shop for TOMRA reverse vending intelligence, the over-the-air concept seeks to redefine the experience by giving customers a digital colleague to help achieve zero unplanned downtime, and make RVMs a valuable asset in a store’s digital ecosystem. 

TOMRA Over-the-air and smart service concepts
TOMRA's over-the-air and smart service concepts

5. Service gets smarter

TOMRA’s new “smart service” concept shows stores the health and status of RVM components, and notifies reverse vending operators about action needed or TOMRA servicing activities under way. This concept focuses on predictive service and maintenance, taking a data-driven approach and using AI to ensure maximum machine uptime for consumers and avoid unplanned repairs.

The concept for the first time gives stores direct access to service data. It seeks to extend the lifetime of components, make operations more efficient, and give peace of mind for operators. The concept at EuroShop shows data about the RVM’s crusher, for compacting drink containers, with visualizations and notifications delivered through the over-the-air digital concept.

“EuroShop is the world’s biggest retail trade fair, and we are excited to preview for our retail customers TOMRA’s vision for the future of reverse vending,” says Gudbrand Arnesen. “The TOMRA concepts at EuroShop span the entire product portfolio – from single-feed and multi-feed returns and backroom storage, to digital and service concepts – as TOMRA continues to set the pace for reverse vending innovation.”

All the new reverse vending concepts are previewing this month at EuroShop, the world’s largest retail trade fair, in Düsseldorf 26 February to 2 March. TOMRA’s EuroShop booth is located in Hall 7A, at booth B07. Visit our EuroShop site at To arrange a commercial or media meeting, contact [email protected]

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