TOMRA’s new backroom storage solution receives international recognition for design and user experience 

TOMRA RollPac reverse vending solution wins iF DESIGN AWARD 2024 

TOMRA Collection's innovative new backroom storage solution, TOMRA RollPac, has won the 2024 iF DESIGN AWARD, receiving international recognition as an efficient solution and great user experience that seeks to understand and solve the needs of retail customers.

The company’s most compact and first vertical backroom system for storing drink containers for recycling, TOMRA RollPac adds height to cabinets for retailers seeking space-efficient reverse vending layouts, and is also TOMRA’s first backroom solution with roller cage load carriers. 

The iF DESIGN AWARD is organized by Hannover-based iF International Forum Design GmbH, one of the oldest independent design organizations worldwide. Almost 11,000 entries were submitted from 72 countries in this year’s competition, with a jury of 132 members, consisting of independent experts from all over the world. TOMRA RollPac won in product design for the category Public/Retail. 

Innovation isn't just about creating something new; it's about meeting evolving needs with efficiency and finesse. 

Anders Ertsås Industrial Designer, TOMRA Collection
Image of Anders Ertsås
"With TOMRA RollPac, we've redefined the landscape of backroom recycling solutions, solving the pressing challenges faced by our customers," he continues. “By ingeniously compacting our solution, we've made it more than just a machine; it's a user-friendly tool accessible to a wider range of people, regardless of gender or physicality. Winning the iF award validates our commitment to pushing boundaries and creating solutions that not only address current challenges but anticipate future demands.” 

Awarding TOMRA RollPac design

The iF DESIGN AWARD jury particularly recognized the relevance and appropriateness of TOMRA RollPac for its task, as well as innovation and uniqueness in the design process. 

With the requirement for more markets to implement deposit return schemes for drink container recycling, and an increasing shortage of both store space and labor, there was a need for a more effective reverse vending backroom solution. Through extensive user research and in close dialogue with our retail customers, the compact vertical backroom solution now known as TOMRA RollPac emerged.

TOMRA RollPac is the first solution introduced to the market targeting retailers with limited backroom space and/or who rely on roller cage infrastructure for their logistics. By utilizing the height and designing a vertical solution, TOMRA RollPac competes provides space efficiency and layout flexibility, reuse of existing equipment and low operational effort.

Looking inside TOMRA RollPac

TOMRA RollPac launched 25 January this year. The compatibility with roller cages, the preferred logistics format for many supermarkets, m Backroom reverse vending solutions sort, compact and store bottles and cans – typically in a retailer’s storage room, on the other side of a wall behind a reverse vending machine.

TOMRA RollPac stands at 2.6 meters high and has a system footprint 40% smaller than similar TOMRA systems. As such, it is tailored for small to medium stores, and the flexible layout enables it to fit most locations, even very narrow backrooms. The ease of rolling also means bin changes are a single-person operation, and can be done no matter who is on the job. TOMRA RollPac is compatible with existing front-end reverse vending machines and backroom equipment, limiting the investment required to upgrade to TOMRA RollPac.

Thank you to the jury for the iF Design Award, and for recognizing the unique contribution that TOMRA RollPac’s design and innovation brings to retailers! A special thank-you as well to our friends at EGGS Design, who supported our design team as a great design partner.

About TOMRA Collection:

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