Market tests begin for innovative multi-feed solution for drink container recycling 

TOMRA R2 reverse vending machine makes leap forward in design and usability

Image of TOMRA R2 reverse vending machine
Image of TOMRA R2 reverse vending machine

The new TOMRA R2 reverse vending machine (RVM) for drink container recycling has now begun market tests in selected stores in four European countries, announces global reverse vending leader TOMRA Collection. Coinciding with the leap year’s “Leap Day” on 29 February, the multi-feed TOMRA R2 seeks to take leaps and bounds forward in reverse vending usability and design – suitable even for smaller stores, and redefining how a reverse vending machine looks and feels.

The in-store tests are taking place at a number of supermarkets in Germany, Sweden, Norway and Finland, to involve both retailers and recyclers in the development of the new RVM. The feedback and results will be used to further refine the product before the official launch in September 2024.

TOMRA R2 will be the second product in the company’s multi-feed line, which allows recyclers to pour hundreds of bottles and cans into an RVM, rather than inserting them one by one. The machine will start processing the containers while the user continues to pour them in. The first product, TOMRA R1, in January reached 500 installations in 16 countries. TOMRA R1 is designed for retailers with high volumes of container returns, while TOMRA R2’s smaller physical footprint makes it suitable for a wider range of stores, even for smaller stores. TOMRA R2 previewed as the multi-feed concept at 2023’s EuroShop, the world’s largest retail trade fair. 

TOMRA R2 rethinks recycling: it takes the next leap in design and makes multi-feed returns available to even more stores.

Jonas Døvik Product Manager for multi-feed solutions at TOMRA Collection

“We are excited to test TOMRA R2 live in the market with our retail partners. Think of it as a game-changer in reverse vending, offering a fast and rewarding recycling experience that meets the needs and expectations of today’s busy retailers and consumers – and makes it even easier and more motivating to contribute to recycling.”

TOMRA R2 features in depth

  • Reverse vending makeover: The most visible difference with TOMRA R2 is the new minimalist design, with a wall-mounted and compact front unit facing the consumer. As well as giving the RVM an aesthetic boost, it minimizes the use of valuable in-store space. All access for service and cleaning of TOMRA R2 is done from behind the wall in the backroom, instead of from the front in the busy store environment. This makes it more convenient for store personnel to perform reverse vending tasks undisturbed, such as cleaning and bin emptying; as everything can be done from the backroom, it saves staff time and effort walking back and forth.
  • Easy installation: TOMRA R2 is compatible with current TOMRA behind-the-wall storage solutions (including MultiPac 2, EasyPac 1 & 2 and the new RollPac). This allows retailers to reuse their existing backroom cabinets, maximizing the lifespan of the equipment they already have and reducing the investment required to offer their shoppers a multi-feed solution. Compatibility with all these backroom storage solutions also means TOMRA R2 offers more flexibility and can fit store backrooms of varying layouts, so that backroom systems can be designed to fit their space without any need for rebuilding.
Image of TOMRA R2 reverse vending machine backroom
Image of TOMRA R2 reverse vending machine
  • Accessibility in mind: TOMRA R2 is also designed for inclusivity and accessibility. The machine has a user-friendly design, with a low screen and overhanging in-feed, a proximity sensor, a tactile surface, and a graphical user interface enhanced with greater contrast for people with visual impairments – making the machine easier to reach and use. The machine also supports touch-free operations, featuring a fully-automated lid and utilizing the user’s smartphone to scan a QR code or NFC tag to access their session in the browser.
  • Digital integrations: Some of the market test machines also offer the drop and go functionality, whereby recyclers can leave the RVM and start shopping while the RVM is still processing containers, and receive their refund as a digital voucher. Users can simply open the camera on their phone to scan the QR code on TOMRA R2’s screen, and the digital voucher will appear in their mobile browser – no app required.
  • TOMRA’s multi-feed RVMs have shown to attract recyclers, with stores on average seeing a 33% rise in the number of consumer sessions and 86% increase in containers returned. Recent consumer research also found that 87% of recyclers spend their deposit refunds in store – demonstrating that offering a high-quality recycling experience can draw in customers, who then contribute to store revenue. Pouring in entire bags of containers rather than handling each individual container makes it fast and efficient to return containers, while avoiding sticky hands.

    Retailers can contact TOMRA or their local TOMRA representative to arrange a demonstration of the new TOMRA R2 multi-feed reverse vending solution. 

    About TOMRA Collection:

    TOMRA Collection provides reverse vending machines for Clean Loop Recycling, to transform society’s habits and keep valuable resources in a continuous loop of use and reuse. The company’s solutions collect aluminum, plastic and glass beverage containers to be continually reused and recycled back into new bottles and cans. With approximately 82,000 installations across more than 60 markets, TOMRA reverse vending machines capture over 45 billion used bottles and cans each year. This reduces reliance on raw materials, and ensures fewer containers end up in streets, oceans and landfills. TOMRA’s reverse vending machines, digital solutions and service make recycling easy for the industry, system owners, retailers and consumers to contribute to a more sustainable planet. Visit our Reverse Vending pages on, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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