Ayyo positions for the future with an easy and fast recycling solution

Essen, GERMANY: The trading company Ayyo have a positive and profitable experience with the TOMRA Expert Line, E1 Rücknahmezentrum, a modular beverage container counting and sorting system for recycling. This gives them peace of mind with a system they can rely on.

The trading company Ayyo Vertriebs GmbH distribute dairy products, soft drinks and packaging material, selling beverages and taking back containers from their customers and other businesses for reuse and recycling. The company processes 150 000-200 000 beverage containers per week and about 6-7 million containers per year. Today, Ayyo sorts three different materials: aluminum, steel and PET.

Ayyo and TOMRA have worked together for five years. The company started with a small system and switched to a bigger version in early 2018: the new generation Expert Line system, previously known as Bulk sorting system, TOMRA E1 Rücknahmezentrum.

Save time and process more empties

Onur Sahin, the Sales Manager at Ayyo, and operator Cihan Altun, responsible for storage and recycling, share that the new machine is faster than the old one and therefore they save time and are able to process more empties. In addition, they find that the Expert Line system has many advantages besides speed. Cleaning, for example, is easier as they can clean parts that they could not reach in the old system and as a result it is simple to keep the machine tip top. “Getting started with the machine takes three seconds – pour in the bag, press start, and the whole thing works,” says Onur Sahin.

Environmental protection is very important to Onur Sahin, so he tries to do something himself and influence his friends. “What we, Ayyo and TOMRA, can do for the environment is collect, compact and return beverage containers to a recycler, so they don’t end up in the garbage or somewhere they shouldn’t,” the Sales Manager explains.

A main pillar of the company

Onur Sahin looked thoroughly into other systems, but didn’t find anything that offers such a high standard in terms of software, technology and service. He highlights important aspects of a reverse vending system such as speed, low maintenance costs and a reliable system with good uptime. The Expert Line system has become a main pillar of the Ayyo company and with it they feel confident in being very well positioned for the future.

“Why I’ve chosen TOMRA is easy to answer. No other company in Germany has such a large and strong service network. This ensures that we always have a technician nearby,” explains Onur Sahin. On whether he can recommend TOMRA to others, he replies, “I can only answer that with a very big YES.”

Installed reverse vending system