Edeka Böge provides a convenient and dependable recycling experience for both its customers and store staff

Rellingen, Germany: In the charming town of Relligen, just outside Hamburg, supermarket Edeka Böge ensures it provides an efficient and convenient recycling experience for both its store staff and customers by offering a duo of reverse vending machines, a TOMRA T9 and T90, that accepts a range of empty beverage containers.

An efficient recycling experience with TOMRA T9 and T90

The popularity of drink container recycling in Germany, with a 98% return rate, makes it the world’s highest-performing deposit return system. Its unique system covers a variety of eligible containers, includng refillable containers. To ensure Edeka Böge provides an expansive, practical, and efficient recycling solution to its customers, it has invested in TOMRA's innovative solutions. The store has two TOMRA T9 machines accepting bottle crates, glass bottles and refillable containers – and one T90 reverse vending machine taking center stage, accepting and storing PET bottles and cans. These machines are integral to the seamless performance of the store, says Jasper Steffens, Assistant to Management at Edeka Böge.

According to Steffens, the TOMRA T90 plays a fundamental role in improving the pressure on the T9 machines. This strategic distributionensures a smooth customer flow, allowing for the efficient return of both single-use and refillable bottles.

Alina Weise, a customer at the store, attests to the practicality and speed of TOMRA's reverse vending machines. Handing in empty containers becomes a breeze, whether it's leaving bottle crates or efficiently returning single-use bottles.

Edeka Böge also offers more efficient operations for its store personnel, with both the TOMRA T9 and T90 catering to high-volume container returns. Jasper Steffens highlights how the TOMRA T90 has provided massive labor savings in the store. With its built-in compactors for cans and bottles, and large bins offering storage, it requires less emptying and cleaning compared to manual handling of drink container returns.

The TOMRA T90 provides massive labor saving. Nowadays, you wouldn’t be able to do everything with manual handling of empty containers. [Using] the machine is much less work than doing it manually

White ma choosing groceries
Jasper  Steffans Assistant to Management at Edeka Böge – Rellingen, Germany

Space efficiency and smooth operations

No store is the same, particularly when it comes to space. Robin Mohr, TOMRA Sales representative, emphasized the implication of this at Edeka Böge. “With limited room and an escalator to the first floor, we were thoughtful about the placement of the machines. We have the TOMRA T90, designed for PET bottles and cans. right where the customers come down from the escalator, and have used the space under the escalator for the TOMRA T9, which accepts a combination of containers. This showcases the store’s commitment to functionality and space efficiency,” says Mohr.

To ensure the machines run smoothly, TOMRA offers service support to customers. Jasper highlights how TOMRA stands out as a dependable partner: “If we have questions or if we have any trouble, the employees know where to contact them. They get a quick answer and if there is a major issue, they take care of it, too. I would recommend TOMRA to others.”

Installed reverse vending system

TOMRA T9 EasyPac reverse vending machine
TOMRA T70 TriSort reverse vending machine