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EUROSPAR Pöchlarn optimized their store by installing the new TOMRA RollPac.

Pöchlarn, AUSTRIA: In EUROSPAR Pöchlarn store staff can spend more time on customers and goods, rather than changing bins, with the new TOMRA RollPac. The feedback? Simply put: great!

EUROSPAR Pöchlarn was among the first stores to install the TOMRA RollPac vertical backroom solution for storing returned drink containers. Given the store’s narrow backroom layout, installing two TOMRA RollPac cabinets back-to-back was a very practical way of maximizing the use of the limited store space and utilizing the height of the room.

After six months of use, owner Christian Prauchner and store manager Hannes Unterberger confirm that TOMRA RollPac is not only a time saver, but also a labor saver.

TOMRA RollPac is specifically designed for an existing roller cage infrastructure, making the handling easier and less time-consuming. Christian Prauchner places particular emphasis on the time-saving attribute, expressing, “For me, the added value of investing in TOMRA RollPac instead of TOMRA EasyPac lies in the time saved, because I want my employees to be able to focus on the essentials, namely my customers and my goods.” 

 [...] it is simply much quicker and easy.

Christian Prauchner
Christian Prauchner Store Owner, EUROSPAR Pöchlarn

Feedback from our store staff is simply... great!

Hannes Unterberger
Hannes Unterberger Store Manager, EUROSPAR Pöchlarn

Self-explanatory bin changes - anyone can do it!

TOMRA RollPac bin changes require minimal effort – it's easy and much quicker.

There has also been a noticeable difference among the employees as they now enjoy going to the reverse vending machine (RVM) more because the handling has become easier. The use of roller cages as the load carrier eliminates the need for heavy lifting, allowing for single-person handling. As Hannes Unterberger explains, it is also a quick task: “changing the bin doesn't take very long. Experienced employees can do this in less than a minute, which is of course is a great relief for us in our day-to-day work.”

Hannes Unterberger and TOMRA RollPac

Hannes Unterberger also expressed satisfaction with this strategic investment, stating: “We have seen that TOMRA RollPac is not only a time saver for us, but also a labor saver.”

After nearly six months in use, TOMRA RollPac has become an integral part of everyday life in the EUROSPAR Pöchlarn store, reliable for customers, employees and store management.