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Hypermarket Prisma ensures maximum recycling uptime for their customers

Pirkkala, FINLAND: The hypermarket Prisma's service agreement with TOMRA ensures their reverse vending systems are always in the best working condition.

The bottle return point at the Prisma hypermarket in Pirkkala, Finland is busier than ever. The store installed a TOMRA R1 back in November 2020, and the system has since proved to attract people from both near and far. “The R1 has been received very well here in Finland, and empty cans and plastic bottles are being returned in huge quantities – people realize how fast and easy it is to return recyclables with these new systems,” says Prisma Pirkkala’s sales manager, Mia Laakso. 

Customer magnet 

With the machines working at full speed to keep up with the huge quantities of recyclables from customers, reliability is an important factor. Prisma Pirkkala’s service agreement with TOMRA makes sure that the reverse vending machines are always working at full capacity. According to Laakso, the availability and functionality of reverse vending machines have a big impact on where customers decide to do their shopping. “This is why it’s important to keep the machines in order at all times, so there is no confusion, and the customers can always trust our machines to handle their reverse vending needs,” says Laakso. In addition, non-functioning reverse vending systems can quickly cause problems for staff. “Staff running around to empty out full machines takes up working hours, which again reduces the customer service in the store.”  

Anticipating problems is key 

Anticipating problems is key when running a busy store or supermarket. Having a reliable reverse vending system contributes to reducing issues, and ultimately helps the store save money, Laakso mentions. “With a well-functioning machine, we receive significantly fewer complaints from customers. This is where TOMRA’s service agreement is a big help in keeping the store running smoothly. In addition, the staff’s job becomes easier and less stressful when they don’t have to run around doing machine maintenance all the time,” says Laakso. 

Making life easier 

The Prisma Pirkkala store is part of the Pirkanmaan Osuuskaupa chain (POK). Sanna Nummela, project manager at POK, says that the reliability of the reverse vending systems has been ensured by an extensive service agreement with TOMRA, which covers all TOMRA equipment in POK stores. “Our goal is to keep everyday life in our stores running as smoothly and easy as possible – which the service agreement with TOMRA helps us accomplish.” According to Nummela, the biggest benefit for stores is regular service on site as well as remote monitoring, both of which are included in the service agreement. “TOMRA’s experts monitor the equipment remotely and address any problems even before they can be seen by customers – which significantly increases customer satisfaction,” Nummela says.   


Installed reverse vending system

TOMRA R1 with MultiPac air render reverse cending machine
TOMRA T9 MultiPac render