K-Market Perkkaa meets store and shopper recycling needs

Espoo, FINLAND: Marika Rekilä, Store Owner at K-Market Perkkaa, believes that many customers will do their grocery shopping where returning their empty beverage containers is guaranteed to work well.

Efficiency and reliability

Rekilä explains that the effectiveness and compact size of the T70 dual fits perfectly in the small space they have available in store, while at the same time covering their needs for reverse vending capacity. “Our new T70 system is both reliable and efficient; in the last six months it has received almost 300,000 beverage containers without a single hiccup.” She also praises the T70 for its ease of use. “The machine guides you through every step on how to clean and replace the bins, it’s super user friendly!” Rekilä also points out the T70’s feature of compacting the empty beverage containers to a very small size. “It saves the staff a lot of time and effort, since the machine can hold a much bigger quantity of items, and we don’t have to empty the bins as often as before.” 

Beneficial for both customers and employees

To have a recycling system that they can rely on brings great peace of mind, according to Rekilä, as drink container returns is one of the most important service elements of the store. That’s why she also entered a service agreement with TOMRA to ensure that the machine is always in top condition and running smoothly, which also contributes to making the job easier for employees. “I have not regretted purchasing a new machine, it’s a great relief and contributes to customer satisfaction, which is key to us here at K-Market Perkkaa.” Rekilä believes that customers are attracted to a store with fast and reliable bottle return facilities. “I’m sure many customers will do their shopping and return their used containers where the reverse vending is quick and reliable.”

Installed Reverse vending systems