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KIWI XL Ligosenteret nearly triples container returns with TOMRA R1 optimized by Air Solution and Notify+Assist

Drammen, NORWAY: With their commitment to offering customers an optimal recycling experience, KIWI XL Ligosenteret invested in a TOMRA R1 reverse vending machine over two years ago. Since installation, the hypermarket has witnessed a surge in the volume of containers returned, almost tripling the previous numbers.

With a commitment to sustainability, Norwegian supermarket chain KIWI has implemented various initiatives to improve energy efficiency over recent years, working hard to drive meaningful actions towards achieving climate neutrality. The chain has invested in renewable energy sources, and has successfully reduced food waste by an impressive 50% since 2015. Additionally, KIWI strives to minimize unnecessary plastic usage and promote circular waste management practices.

One notable action taken by KIWI XL Ligosenteret has been the investment in a TOMRA R1 reverse vending system, which has not only enhanced its operations but also aligned with its sustainability vision. The innovative multi-feed solution from TOMRA enables customers to conveniently pour entire bags of bottles and cans into the machine, eliminating the need to insert them individually and avoiding any mess. As a result, recycling not only becomes cleaner but also up to five times more efficient than traditional single-feed solutions.

Kiwi XL Ligosenteret
KIWI XL Ligosenteret in Drammen, Norway

Tripled return volume

KIWI XL Ligosenteret has witnessed a significant upsurge in container return volume since the installation of the TOMRA R1 system. Store manager Leif Mikael Anderssen highlights the significant impact, stating, "there has been a huge increase” in the number of containers recycled, with the return volume , "there has been a large volume increase – it has almost tripled".

Not only has KIWI XL Ligosenteret experienced greater container return volumes, but it has also attracted a multitude of new customers following the installation of the TOMRA R1, indicating a strong customer preference for the multi-feed solution. In fact, a survey conducted by TOMRA in 2018 found that individuals in Norway, Finland, and Sweden unanimously prefer the TOMRA R1's multi-feed recycling features when compared to single-feed alternatives.

The machine makes it very easy for the customer. They can simply pour the bag of containers in, pull down the hatch, and the machine counts all the bottles automatically and prints out a deposit slip.”

Leif Micke
Leif Mikael Anderssen Manager KIWI XL Ligosenteret

Recycling made fast and easy

One of the notable benefits of the TOMRA R1 system is its ability to handle the increase in returns without any delays. Customers at KIWI XL Ligosenteret have reported zero queues since the installation of the TOMRA R1, meaning the entire recycling process has become much faster.

The TOMRA R1 has received praise from KIWI XL Ligosenteret's customers. Customers appreciate the ease with which they can pour their containers into the machine, close the lid, and witness the automated counting process that swiftly provides them with a deposit return receipt. One satisfied customer enthusiastically shared, "I believe this machine is fantastic. Very quick. Very easy."

Enhanced efficiency with Air Solution and Notify+Assist

The implementation of the TOMRA R1 has improved operational efficiency at KIWI XL Ligosenteret. Previously, as store employee Line-Therese Bjerkeset explains, “we had to run back and forth to the machine all the time” to check its status or handle any issues that may arise. However, thanks to the integration of Notify+Assist, this is no longer necessary.

With the Notify+Assist app, store personnel receive notifications when the reverse vending machine needs attention (such as the need to empty storage bins), providing real-time updates and control. This efficient communication channel minimizes downtime, maximizes productivity, and streamlines the overall management of the reverse vending process.

The time-saving benefits are further enhanced by Air Solution. Traditionally, in stores with reverse vending machines, staff members manually unload bags of collected containers from the storage cabinets. However, the combination of Air Solution with the TOMRA R1 system has revolutionized this process, making it fully automated.

With Air Solution, bottles and cans are transported through a pipe directly to a large storge container located outside the back or side of the store. This automated procedure eliminates the need for manual handling, significantly reducing the time and effort required to manage the recycling process. As Leif shares, "Our employees can work on other matters instead of running to the machine." 

Now that we have so many customers because of this machine, it is practical that it [operates] by itself”

Aksel Tuv, KIWI employee
Aksel Tuv KIWI XL Ligosenteret employee

System installed