Plus One bottle depot improves customer experience and operations by automated system 

Grande Prairie, CANADA: The Plus One bottle depot owned by Signature Support Services, joined forces with TOMRA Expert Line, E3 High Speed. The modular counting and sorting system for beverage container creates a fast, efficient and friendlier environment for both the Plus One bottle depot and their customers, as well as helping to protect the environment.

The Plus One Bottle Depot is tackling the challenge of plastic pollution through offering container recycling services to the community of Grande Prairie. Environmental protection is of great importance to the people of Plus One Bottle Depot. Brenda Smith, Business Services Director, states that pollution of any kind is of great concern and is becoming a vast issue on a global basis. “What we do here feels important, and it goes a long way to taking those small steps that will lead to bigger steps and keeping our environment clean” the Business Services Director explains. The Plus One Bottle Depot receives a large amount of beverage containers daily, which were previously counted and sorted manually. With their previous installed system, employees were not able to provide as much customer service as they wanted, due to the lack of efficiency of the system.  

Efficient operations and happier customers 

Plus One Bottle Depot and TOMRA have worked together for five years. When Signature Support Services was seeking to find technology that could improve Plus One Bottle Depot´s operations, TOMRA´s support team presented them with a range of designs. After a thorough review of the designs, TOMRA found the optimal solution which suited the Plus One Bottle Depot needs best: TOMRA E3 High Speed. Before the final hand over of the TOMRA E3 High Speed, the personnel of Plus One Bottle Depot were given hands-on training.  This allowed them to provide excellent service the moment the doors were opened. with the chosen system.

Brenda Smith, the Business Services Director, shares that the implementation of the new system has allowed them to provide more of their service at a lower cost. The TOMRA E3 High Speed is an automated and compact recycling system that´s custom built to optimize volume in the existing space. The system is simple and intuitive to use through its one-button operations, which is supported by state-of-the- art technology. It can process up to 35 million containers and deliver the highest levels of customer service and operational efficiency. As a result, both customers and employees have shown their appreciation for TOMRA´s machines. “The biggest advantage is that our customers and staff are happier to be here, less tired, more excited, and not so nervous,” Assistant Manager Christine Smith points out. 

TOMRA´s machinery and staff are highly regarded by the employees of Plus One Bottle Depot. When asked what she liked the most about the technology, Brenda Smith replies: “My favorite thing about the technology is just watching it. It is so streamlined, it goes from the frontend to the backend, and through that process, it gets counted and sorted and then it’s on its way,” Brenda Smith explains. She shares that the implementation of the TOMRA E3 High Speed has made it easier for staff members to interact with the customers. The new system allows Plus One to take that step towards protecting the environment and serving the great community of Grande Prairie.