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TOMRA for Redemption Centers and Bottle Depots

Bottle and can redemption centers – otherwise known as counting centers or bottle depots – can maximize their speed, volume, and efficiency with TOMRA’s automated counting and sorting systems.

With this technology, facilities can quickly and easily serve more customers, and more containers can be recycled in the most effective way – in what we call the Clean Loop.
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    What are Redemption Centers & Bottle Depots?

    Bottle and can redemption centers – also known as bottle depots – are staffed facilities found in places with an active deposit return scheme where empty containers can be returned for their deposit refund. These facilities handle millions of containers every year, so it is vital that they run smoothly and can accommodate a high volume of returns while ensuring a great user experience.

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    How do Redemption Centers and Bottle Depots work?

    Bottle depots are easy and convenient to use if run efficiently. Visitors simply:
    - Bring their deposit-eligible used beverage containers to the facility
    - Return their containers into the relevant self-serve machines
    - Redeem their deposit and go

    Materials are sorted and stored either manually or by custom technology, like TOMRA Expert Line solutions.

    Get in the Loop with TOMRA Expert Line
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