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27 Februar 2024

Charlotte, United States

Customer Service Coordinator - Recycling

Embark on a rewarding career as a Customer Service Coordinator with Tomra Recycling, where you will play a pivotal role in delivering unparalleled service to our valued customers.

27 Februar 2024

Xiamen 厦门, China

Team Leader FSE (China)*

  Make sure Health and Safety is under control with each FSE. Organization, Supervision & execution of install new or modified, repair or upgrade equipment at customer facilities to ensure full functionality according to specifications.

27 Februar 2024

Senec, Slovakia (Slovak Republic)

Tvorca pracovných inštrukcií FOOD

Niesť zodpovednosť za tvorbu pracovných inštrukcií pre všetky štandardné produkty Tomra Sorting s. r. o.

26 Februar 2024

Coburg North, Australia

Customer Care Coordinator

Position Overview  It’s all about our customers.  The purpose of this position is to develop and maintain positive customer relations and coordinate with various functions within the company to ensure customer requests are handled appropriately and in a timely manner.

26 Februar 2024

Asker, Norway

Strategic Sourcing Manager

Strategic Sourcing is a growing team within the Sourcing & Supply Department at TOMRA Collection. This role does not have any direct reports, however, you will play a crucial part in shaping the team’s direction and ambitions.

26 Februar 2024

Dublin, Ireland

Finance & Accounting Manager

At TOMRA, we are committed to excellence in delivering top-tier financial results and information to our internal stakeholders.

26 Februar 2024

Hamburg, Germany

Servicetechniker (m/w/d) für Leergutautomaten - unbefristet

Zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt suchen wir für unseren Außendienst einen Servicetechniker (m/w/d) für Leergutautomaten in der Region Hamburg Damit unsere Leergutrücknahme-Systeme gut funktionieren und wir weiterhin höchste Kundenzufriedenheit garantieren können, suchen wir einen Techniker wie

26 Februar 2024

Senec, Slovakia (Slovak Republic)

Elektrotechnik (PARENT)

• vykonáva mechanickú montáž strojov • vykonáva montáž elektronických podskupín strojov, inštaluje tieto podskupiny do strojov a oživuje stroje • preberá materiál zo skladu a kontroluje jeho kvantitu a kvalitu na základe výdajky materiálu • dodržiava požadovanú kvalitu výrobkov, zlepšuje ju a si •

26 Februar 2024

Senec, Slovakia (Slovak Republic)

Electronics Engineer

Provide contact between the production plant and design in technical issues related to electronics and SW of company products Manage and solve any tasks of electronic nature within production of optical and sorting machines, technical support of production Responsibility for final testing of

26 Februar 2024

Leuven, Belgium

Director, Head of Product

Come, join TOMRA Food as our Director, Head of Product and lead our product portfolio to new heights. In this dynamic role, you'll be pivotal in shaping the future of our offerings, reporting directly to the VP, Head of Customer Value.

Career paths

  • Engineering & Innovation

    Creating a solution is the first part of overcoming a problem. Founded on innovation over 50 years ago, TOMRA is committed to engineering technological solutions to transform how we obtain, use, and reuse our planet's resources.
  • IT, Software, Digital & Business Support

    Behind every innovative solution is the software that makes it work. TOMRA's team of software and digital experts develop systems and analyze data to ensure our solutions achieve high levels of performance and efficiencies.
  • Sales, Marketing, and Product Management

    At TOMRA, our sales, service and project management team provide support to prospective and existing customers to ensure we deliver innovative solutions which optimize performance levels. We're passionate about making a difference and our brand, marketing and communications activity is a key component to getting our vision and values out there.
  • Manufacturing & Operations

    TOMRA's team of manufacturing and operations experts play an integral role in creating innovative solutions which transform how society can obtain, use and reuse our planet's natural resources.
  • General Management & Business Support

    At TOMRA we are reliant on the expertise of those who are part of our Enablement Functions. Regardless of your area of specialism, Legal, P&O (HR), Finance or Admin, your role is critical to our business in terms of supporting, advising and most importantly enabling our people to be empowered to be as happy, effective, and as productive in their roles as possible. Being part of the Enablement Functions and acting as the glue that holds everyone together is a rewarding career path at TOMRA, so check out some of the amazing opportunities we have globally. 
  • Customer Service & Service Operations

    Customer centricity is a huge part of our company ethos here at TOMRA. We are always willing to go the extra mile to exceed our customers’ expectations. We seek Resource Revolutionaries with like-minded values - Passion, Responsibility, and Innovation.