Put recycling to work for you, together with TOMRA

Maximizing the positive impact of beverage container recycling for your customers, your business and the planet.

Retailers are at the heart of making beverage container recycling a success. As such, global reverse vending leader TOMRA wants to recognize and strengthen the vital role of retailers by making recycling work even harder for them – to bring the greatest benefit to stores, their customers and their communities.

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In many regions, retailers are involved as a return point for receiving empty drink containers, as part of local programs to boost returns and make recycling as convenient as possible for consumers. All kinds of businesses today are seeing growing demand from their customers to take a role in managing our planet’s resources, and are enthusiastic to do so.

As a company, TOMRA strives to lead the resource revolution – by rethinking how to obtain, use, reuse and optimize the world’s resources. We see the business and societal benefits to being part of the solution, not part of the problem. We can help solve the problem of plastic pollution together, fully leveraging the positive results for your customers, your business and the planet. We want to put recycling to work for your store.

Plastic pollution is everyone’s business

The traditional “linear economy” of consuming and disposing of resources is unsustainable for our planet. This is particularly the case for plastic: a durable material that lasts hundreds of years, but which nonetheless gets incorporated into single-use products. Unfortunately, much plastic waste ends up in our waters, where it threatens ocean life and eventually moves up the food chain to potentially impact humans. Without a drastic change in our habits, by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea by weight.

Of the 78 million tons of plastic packaging produced every year, 32% ends up as litter in our communities and oceans; only an astounding 2% of plastic packaging gets recycled in a “closed loop”, whereby the materials can be used again and again to make the same or similar products. (Ellen MacArthur Foundation, “The New Plastics Economy” 2017)

In the case of beverage containers, closed-loop recycling keeps the material from used containers in a continuous loop of use and reuse, helping society create a cleaner planet for the next generation. At TOMRA, we call this Clean Loop Recycling. By creating new habits and handling our resources in a more responsible way, we can make an impact on this global problem and improve lives for future generations. It will take all stakeholders working together – from business to consumers to governments – to make a better way forward in resource use and waste management.

The world is waking up to the issue of plastic waste

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Tides are shifting, and desire for change is coming from many directions. Consumers are demanding responsible plastic use. Legislators are pushing for new plastic waste strategies, such as the European Union’s Single-Use Plastics Directive setting plastic bottle collection targets of 90% by 2029. Major brands and beverage producers are stepping up and setting their own targets to reduce their companies’ plastic footprint. Society has recognized the problem, and growing numbers of people across the world are changing their habits – and encouraging others to do the same.

One area where this is evident is the growing interest in container deposit schemes, a proven method for collecting plastic and other beverage containers for recycling. Container deposit systems see up to almost 100% of all drink containers returned for recycling; no other waste collection system comes even close to such high rates. Regions such as Scotland, Portugal and England & Wales are set to introduce container deposit schemes in the next three years. Opinion polls conducted by Reloop Platform in 15 countries found a median of 80% of the public are in favour of introducing container deposit legislation, 84% support their current program, and 82% would like to see current programs expanded. (Reloop, “Deposit Return System: Public Support” 2019)

How we put recycling to work for you


A great recycling experience

TOMRA helps you create a great recycling experience for your customers that keeps them coming back. Satisfied recyclers have the potential to become loyal customers who rely on your store for their stock-up shopping trips. TOMRA seeks to ensure recycler satisfaction through:

  • Fast and easy solutions tailored to your store’s needs. Customizable solutions can be designed specifically to your customers, space, volume and container mix. TOMRA Flow Technology 360-degree instant recognition ensures the highest accuracy, security and convenience.
  • Machines that are up and running whenever your customers are ready to recycleTOMRA’s reverse vending technology enables you to spend less time on cleaning, bin handling and error handling. Customers with a service agreement enjoy the highest uptime.
  • Powerful digital solutions to engage customers, enhance the shopper experience and drive sales. Let our off-the-shelf digital tools do the work for you, or integrate our APIs with your existing systems and/or consumer loyalty programs for a tailored solution.

Efficient operations for peace of mind

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Partnering with TOMRA gives your staff the peace of mind they need to work more efficiently. TOMRA offers the service and support to keep your recycling operations running smoothly. That way, you and your staff can focus on what you do best: serving your customers.

  • RVM operations that run smoothly. TOMRA provides comprehensive training for your staff so they’re prepared to perform daily maintenance, and the Notify+Assist tool gives personnel real-time notifications about RVM status and assistance on in resolving any issues.
  • A system that is accurate, secure and efficient. The TOMRA Flow Technology’s instant recognition means fewer rejected containers and reduced risk of tampering. The Voucher Control tools ensures that redeemed vouchers can’t be used again.
  • An RVM partner that is responsive and ready to get you back to recycling. Real-time RVM fleet monitoring and efficient troubleshooting tools solve many problems remotely. We offer excellent field coverage, An RVM partner that is responsive and ready to get you back to recycling. Real-time RVM fleet monitoring and efficient troubleshooting tools solve many problems remotely. We offer excellent field coverage, with local service colleagues ready to respond to your needs. ready to respond to your needs.

A smart investment for long-term benefits

Choosing a TOMRA RVM means choosing a long-term solution that can serve your customers and your bottom line well for years to come. Even as your needs evolve, we’ll be there to make sure your RVM is meeting those needs and delivering for you.

  • A full-service partner with the global scale and experience to work harder for your store. TOMRA has shaped the reverse vending market since its founding in 1972, and is today present in over 60 markets. TOMRA is retailers’ preferred partner, with seven in every 10 reverse vending solutions worldwide produced by TOMRA.
  • High-quality recycling solutions designed to provide benefits for years to come. TOMRA is the only reverse vending supplier to be approved in every deposit market around the world. We develop our own technology, which ensures full control of core technologies and components.
  • Continuous work to maximize product lifecycle value.TOMRA provides durable and future-proof solutions, with some of our machines operating for over 20 years. TOMRA is also a valuable partner in the retail digitalization journey, helping you meet your customers in the digital world.


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Clean Loop Recycling – enabled and incentivized by container deposit schemes – is a way forward that keeps materials from used containers out of the waste stream and leading productive lives as more containers. The system is simple, but only when everyone plays their role will we be able to truly have an impact on the future of plastic pollution.

At TOMRA, we believe recycling works best when it benefits everyone involved: for consumers, business and the planet. Partnering with TOMRA on your reverse vending solutions means bringing a great recycling experience to your customers, making a smart investment in your store, and choosing a solution that brings peace of mind and excellent support for your store’s operations.

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What TOMRA could do for your business?


About TOMRA Collection:

Founded in 1972, TOMRA provides reverse vending solutions for Clean Loop Recycling, collecting aluminium, plastic and glass beverage containers to be continually reused and recycled back into new bottles and cans. With approximately 80,000 installations across more than 60 markets, TOMRA’s reverse vending machines capture 40 billion used beverage containers every year toward a closed loop. This reduces reliance on raw materials, and ensures fewer containers end up in our streets, oceans and landfills. The TOMRA system of machines, digital solutions and service make it easy for the industry, system owners, retailers and consumers to contribute to a more sustainable planet. Visit our Reverse Vending, and follow us on FacebookTwitterInstagram and LinkedIn.

TOMRA Collection is part of the TOMRA Group, which creates sensor-based solutions for optimal resource productivity, and has a vision to lead the Resource Revolution. The Group employs approximately 4000 people globally and is publicly listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE: TOM).